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Ephrom Josine
5 min readAug 2, 2022

Ron DeSantis is what the political elite wanted Trump to be — he’s the same terrible ideas, but he says them in a more polished and less vulgar manner. With that said, although this does mean that he might win a large chunk of the Never Trump vote if he runs in 2024, he could very easily lose the apathetic voters Donald Trump managed to win over through promising that he’s against the establishment.

I understand why certain people would like Dream, but I don’t understand why so many like him. My little brother used to watch a bunch of Minecraft YouTubers, and many of them — DanTDM, SSundee, and CaptainSparklez all come to mind — were doing more interesting and entertaining things with Minecraft than Dream currently does. It’s not that his videos aren’t entertaining — I mean, I personally don’t find them to be entertaining, but I’m not a fan of Minecraft videos — but it’s more that so many other YouTubers have done so much more with Minecraft than Dream does and they aren’t as popular.

It says something that some of the best journalists today are not in the mainstream media or even in independent political media, but are YouTube gamers. Karl Jobst — who does videos on speedrunning — has some of the best investigative journalism I’ve ever seen, just look as his video on Todd Rogers for examples of this. In the same regards, some of the best examples of consumer advocacy in recent years has come from YouTube gamers — just look at the fight against lootboxes if you want an example of that. Honestly, I find this fact to both be inspiring and horrifying — I love the fact that average people are taking a stand against people who lie to them and rip them off, but I hate the fact that random people on YouTube are better at doing the job of the mainstream media than the actual media is.

I still do not understand the point of the Forward Party and every time somebody tries to explain it to me it just ends up sounding even dumber than I previously assumed it was.

I came across a take from a feminism criticizing BDSM yesterday while I was browsing through Twitter. Even ignoring my own opinions on the topic, I still can’t believe that in a world of both systemic and constant misogyny, some people feel the need to criticize random women for enjoying masochism. Even among the sex industry, human trafficking…

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