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Ephrom Josine
5 min readJun 12, 2022

I watched the first hearing of the January 6th Committee, and I was just disappointed. Everything mentioned was something I already knew back when I wrote The Definition of Sedition, albeit outside of a few really specific examples. The Committee should be focused on bringing new information forward about the sheer corruption and authoritarian impulses of the Trump administration — just as the Watergate Committee did — with memorable moments that stick in the heads of the viewers. Instead, we’re basically getting a recap of the last year of news — which means that anybody who would watch these hearings is getting nothing new, and it’s those people who would be watching those hearings that are going to vote in the midterm election later this year.

Honestly, I also think they should have started holding hearings months ago — as they planned to originally, by the way — and spread them out throughout the year. Instead, we’re basically getting a series of back to back hearings over the next handful of weeks — which is not a bad thing per se, but if the idea is to firehose these hearings out, it would have made much more sense to wait until September or October so we don’t run the risk of having more news cycles that cause people to forget these hearings.

The people who are willing to give up democracy for slightly lower gas prices should exercise the same non-voting requirement they’re fine with everyone else having. If you don’t think democracy is important, I highly recommend you take your own advice and not take part in it.

Obviously not all inflation in the United States can be blamed on Putin’s war in Ukraine, but a good chunk of it can. Early on, most of it was just the end result of the economy reopening after COVID-19, which naturally caused an increase in demand for products like gasoline. Russia made up about eight percent of United States oil exports before the war began, and Biden’s sanctions have crippled the economies of both Russia and the United States.

Honestly, the thing that angers me the most about this is the fact that President Biden could easily fix this if he just lifted politically motivated sanctions of countries like Venezuela and Iran. Although Biden did ease sanctions of Venezuela, they still have to go through American oil companies — who are refusing to pump oil…

Ephrom Josine

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