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In less than twenty four hours, I’ll be having my wisdom teeth taken out. Yes, I’m doing it on Christmas Eve — for reasons I’m not getting into.

However, I figured I’d use this as a little jumping off point. First off, I’m taking a break, I’ve actually been on break for a little while — I just haven’t said so yet.

I’m not going to write anything more until 2020 — for a number of reasons, the main one being I’m just having a small amount of burnout. My articles for Freedom First — oh trust me, we’ll get to that a little later.

So here are some plans for 2020.

1. Start Writing Reviews Again

Yeah, I said again. Back in the day, I was a movie reviewer — think the Nostalgia Critic (or maybe Film Brain would be a better comparison) and not someone like Roger Ebert. They were overly long summaries of the movie with rather weak jokes (most of them just being me angry) and very little — well, criticizing.

And no, none of them are on Medium.

I drifted away from that in favor of political commentary years ago and didn’t look back — until I wrote that article on Hazbin Hotel. Hell, that and my post on Helluva Boss and two of my most read posts on this site, Helluva Boss even broke 1,000 reads.

I did already plan on writing about anything else that comes out of the Vivziepop YouTube channel, however, I want to do more again.

One of the main reasons I stopped was lack of interest. Primarily because I was reviewing infamously bad movies and TV show episodes and not stuff I was interested in. While I do have interest in that stuff, it’s not the only kind of media I care about — I also like animation and looking at adaptions of other media, like classical novels or even historical events.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be doing infamously bad films every now and again, as will I be doing old B-movies, but they wouldn’t be the only thing. Basically, I’ll be talking about whatever interests me at that moment. That doesn’t mean it will always be good, in fact sometimes I’m interested in bad things, however, it just wouldn’t always be caustic.

I already know what the first episode — okay, more like three episodes — will be. Also, these reviews will be episodic, at least, about as episodic as something like MST3K. References will be made to things I previously reviewed quite commonly and milestones will exist.

Although, reviews from anything Vivziepop related will not be part of the episode count. Why? Because I started doing that those before I offically came back to reviewing.

2. Write Better Things For Freedom First

Here’s a fan fact: Those articles that got published on Monday, I tend to write those on Sunday.

This is one that bothers me personally. By the end of 2019 — oh hell, even early on over at Freedom First, I’ve always been unsatisfied with what I write over there. It’s usually cheap, boring, and commonly about as deep as a kiddie pool.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing I’m ashamed of or anything — that would imply I disagreed with it, I don’t. I simply do not feel that many of the articles I wrote are “up to standards,” if you will. The articles coming out in 2020 will be more philosophical in nature as well as hopefully written less than twelve hours before they come out when I have an entire week.

3. Find More Clearly Defined Purposes For The Websites I Write On

This is something you sometimes see me talking about on Twitter. Between here, Liberty Hawk, and Freedom First I like to feel like there’s a reason to write for all of them besides “more viewers.”

The current idea is Medium is the dumping group where I just write whatever it is I want, Liberty Hawk is making the case against other ideologies, and Freedom First is where I make for the case for libertarianism.

This is why I also didn’t even try to write for Sal The Agorist, despite him being one of my favorite libertarians. I already feel like my writing is becoming stale and predictable, if only because I spent to much time trying to get my book out that I didn’t focus on the writing that’s suppose to make you want a book by me.

I also want to write more original content. Maybe even do more non-political writings over here on Medium.

And those are my basic plans for 2020.

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