Saudi Arabia’s New Project And Why You’re Being Blamed For The Damage The Wealthy Have Done

Ephrom Josine
5 min readJul 30, 2022

Much has been made about Saudi Arabia’s new city plan, which they have dubbed “The Line.” According to a video promoting the concept, the plan is to encase nine million people in a small city where people can walk from both ends in twenty minutes. The exact proportions are described as five hundred meters tall, two hundred meters wide, and one hundred seventy kilometers long. This would make the entire project about 17,000,000,000 cubic meters — or still larger than New York City.

Mind you, one could easily come up with various issues that could arise from keeping people that close together. Just two years ago, the COVID-19 pandemic saw recommendations that people say six feet apart in order to avoid spreading the illness. How would somebody effectively socially distance in an area as small as this proposed city? Think of all the damage a suicide bomber — or even an accidental fire or flood — could do. Somebody who used to be in abusive relationship would not be able to get more than twenty minutes away from their ex. Stalking would quickly become easier than ever, as would targeted attacks against somebody. If you’re a homosexual or transgender, you better hope the people around you are accepting because otherwise committing a hate crime against you would become incredibly easy. Of course, given that Saudi Arabia is one of the few countries that still executes homosexuals, I highly doubt this is a bug.

In the video, it is said that the main reason why we need this new city is because the country ran by a corrupt oligarchical family of oil billionaires suddenly very much cares about the environment. Even ignoring the fact that the Saudi royal family could do much more to help the environment by simply getting rid of the country’s oil based economy, I want to point out that putting people in an enclosed space because of an environmental disaster is quite literally the plot of The Simpsons Movie. And just like how Homer Simpson was able to escape the dome that entrapped Springfield despite being the reason it was placed over the town to begin with, I highly doubt that the billionaires who are the actual cause of climate change will be forced to spend their lives in these restrictive areas.

Ephrom Josine

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