Satanists Claim Immunity From Abortion Laws

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Freedom of religion is a great thing. Because of our country not understanding how rights work, you can’t fire people for not wanting to work if it’s on a holy day and Catholics can get government money even if they’re homophobes. So what about people who want, not to pass more laws, but the option to disobey existing ones? Enter Satanists.

Earlier this week, the Supreme Court ruled that an Indiana law passed by Governor Mike Pence (now Vice President) that forced all women who got abortions to give the kid a burial was constitutional. Justice Thomas used this to rant about how abortion is eugenics or something, which is easily debunked by the fact he has never been forcefully sterilized. Personally, I think he just wants Hillary Clinton to starve to death (give that one a second. You see, you’re laughing).

Satanists are now fighting back, citing the first amendment right to Freedom of Religion as evidence they will not have to follow the law.

“To be clear, members of The Satanic Temple will not be made to pay for these punitive, superfluous, and insulting burials. We claim exemption on religious liberty grounds, and we will almost certainly prevail in the courts if we are forced to fight,” the group’s spokesperson Lucien Greaves told the Arkansas Times.

A little over a month ago, Satanists did the same thing in regards to an abortion law in Missouri saying a woman must wait 72 hours in between scheduling and receiving an abortion.

The group’s appeal to the Eighth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on behalf of a woman listed only as “Judy Doe” was announced Wednesday by the Salem, Massachusetts-based Satanic Temple. It alleges that the law violates the woman’s First Amendment right to religious freedom.

Freedom of religion is a negative right, one that you do not need laws to enforce as it’s based on the lack of laws. Abortion requires laws to ban, therefore any “right to life” (or a right to live inside someone, in the case of those who actually understand how pregnancy works) a fetus may have is a positive right as it requires the government to protect.

Therefore, any rights the Satanists have are more important than the rights of the fetus as Satanists are using a negative right while fetuses are using a positive one. Especially in the case of this law. You have no right to a funeral, I have no idea where this idea came from. Actually, I do, the Republican Party who defines rights to be “anything that makes us look like good people.”

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