Rick Perry Lets The Truth Slip

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A while ago, I asked a good friend of mine if he believed the government was run by lizards. He simply responded with “It depends by what you mean. If you mean cold blooded slimy psychopaths, then yes.” I believe that Rick Perry does qualify as not human, in many different ways.

Energy Sectary Rick Perry was on Fox News recently, during which he revealed a giant secret that the proles were not suppose to know.

In this clip, Perry directly admits that he wants the US to increase sanctions in order to lead to regime change. Of course, this should be obvious as they’ve been promoting regime change in Iran for quite a while now. Bush and Cheney called for it quite a bit back in the day — after leaving office, Vice-President Cheney directly admitted his biggest regret was not invading Iran.

This new idea in politics that sanctions aren’t a way of trying to get other countries to bend to our will is nonsense. Back when South Africa was an apartheid state we (rightfully) put sanctions on them to stop this, and it worked. This is also why removing our sanctions on Iran was an important part of the Iran Deal.

However, what I wish to focus on is how much this shows our government is run by psychopaths. Perry (and his boss Donald) is currently trying to cause suffering in Iran for no other reason than they hope it will help oust the current government.

Back in the 90s after Clinton put sanctions on Iraq, Madeline Albright, then the ambassador to the UN, was asked about the kids it could kill. She said “the cost was worth it.”

This is what US foreign policy is.

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