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ToonKritic, for those who don’t remember, is a pedophile. Not just a pedophile, although that is bad enough, but a manipulative, lying, nymphomaniac. I exposed this man with the help of my fallen idol a year before the rest of the community — who was much closer to him — decided that he was a bad guy. It took him literally sexting a child over the course of a year for him to be kicked out of the community — and even then, the verdict was far from unanimous.

I mention this because, as fans of ForNoGoodReason know already, he’s back. Now, he’s a Twitch streamer under the same of zephyrtheindiedoggo. On the first of March, he did a stream called “We Need To Talk.” Listening to it brought back oh so many memories, and those memories brought either anger or laughter depending on just what they were.

In the video, Zak warns that those who dislike him will take anything he says out of context. As such, to prove that I have no desire to take his statements out of context, I will not use any of his statements in this post. Instead, I will only be going after the main thesis of his video, that he has, in fact changed. That he feels bad for what he did as ToonKritic and has, after honest reflection, tried to become a better person.

I should note that, throughout this entire video, Zak promises us that there are two sides to every story. However, he never gives his side of any of the stories that led him to be disliked within the brony community. In fact, he never, once, throughout his thirty-one minute ramble, tells us what he did. I happen to remember what he did (most of it involved sexual harassment and inappropriate contact with a minor, although manipulation and lying was also heavily involved) however, an outsider more than likely wouldn’t.

I know — know — this was on purpose. He wants to be able to fall back on his default excuses of “being in a bad place” (for over a year?) and “trying to change.” Hey, remember when Zak told ForNoGoodReason he was sorry for something he didn’t even fucking remember doing?

I happen to remember being told Zak changed, or was trying to improve himself, or other such basic responses to his misdeeds. In fact, it’s what happened anytime I tried to present anyone with the evidence that Zak was serial predator before early 2018, when he was caught red-handed grooming a minor. The arguments most commonly made in his defense were, and I remember these because they’re burned into my brain, that he was seeing a therapist and had been diagnosed with an inferiority complex.

As my fallen idol Vida, the man who first confirmed the actions of Toon that I had already suspected, said, this is who Toon is, this is always who Toon is, and this is who Toon will always be. He can change his name, water down details, and promise he’s changed once again. However, to those who remember what he did, all this results in is laughter. Laughter at the idea that anyone who even has a passing knowledge of what his past was like would then take this idea that he has totally changed guy, like for realzys, seriously.

And by the way, before Toon claims he’s being ganged up on, I remember the response of those effected — many of which were his friends. You had Dr. Wolf saying we should forgive him, Josh and British Ninja going soft on his in a Skype call that got posted on YouTube (against the wishes of those two), and Voice of Reason — as well as many others — taking potshots at people like myself, Vida, FNGR, Lily Orchard, Patch, and others who simply wanted to reform the community in a way where something like this could never happen again.

Zak does not change, he has never changed, he never will change. People like him do not change, they just try and hide what they do better. People, in general, do not change unless they are absolutely forced to. Maybe exceptions to my rule exist, however, I will not die on the hill that Zak is one of them.

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