Republicans Respond To Mass Shootings

Yesterday, Donald Trump officially announced his support for red flag laws and other moderate forms of gun control. This caused all the nationalists to give up on there long standing support for the right to bear arm, instead simply choosing to defend Donald Trump.

Let’s start with Bill Mitchell:

Let’s be real folks. When the second amendment was written, “arms” meant single shot muskets which took 2 minutes to reload. We need modern laws for modern weapons. I believe Red Flag Legislation is a reasonable middle ground which protects our rights as well as our lives.-8/5/2019

Bill Mitchell appeared at Trump’s social media summit and believes Twitter is a first amendment right.

He has also said:

Over the next six months I will be coordinating much more closely with other leaders in the social media space to greatly advance the impact and synergy of our efforts. This is the only way that we as a team can overcome the shadow banning and censorship by big tech.-7/13/2019

Until President Trump does more than tweeting about censorship and Nunes does more than worthless lawsuits, big tech won’t change a damned thing. Fact.-5/11/2019

The Founding Fathers passed the 2nd Amendment so a bunch of damned Liberals could never take away the 1st Amendment.-3/8/2019

Just an FYI. The 2nd Amendment has nothing to do with hunting. It is about protecting ourselves from a government which would deny us the other rights provided for in the Constitution. That’s not my opinion. that’s a fact.-4/15/2019

No wonder the Left is leading the charge to deny us our 2nd Amendment rights. Does anyone doubt they would subjugate us all by force if they could?-4/4/2018

Mitchell is also a culture warrior, as is Sohrab Ahmari. Ahmari wrote the following on Twitter:

Military-grade weapons should have no place in our streets. In a historic cover editorial, the NYPost comes out in favor of banning assault weapons. Now.-8/5/2019

It’s as if the culture war Ahmari loves is just an excuse for bigger government.

Guy Benson tweeted:

Trump pushes ‘red flag’ laws, which seems like a sensible step.-8/5/2019

He has also tweeted:

Kamala pledges an unconstitutional power grab on guns if Congress doesn’t bend to her will.-6/27/2019

So it’s okay when Trump does it.

Still, others had more nuanced claims. Matt Walsh for instance is just using this to complain about violence in the media:

Not a single person is claiming that video games “cause” mass shootings or are the only factor or are even the main factor. Some of us are just observing that they may be one factor of many. Yet video game fans are so cultish in their devotion that they can’t stomach even that.

Now it is true that violent media can cause people who are pre-disposed to violence or have a mental disorder to become more violent. However, those people will become violent over everything. Charles Manson killed people because of a Beetles song for God sake.

Liz Wheeler of One America News said the following:

Far be it from me to play armchair psychologist, but the common theme in these shootings? Not politics, one ideology or guns. But a deep rooted social isolation rooted in society’s rejection of religion & breakdown of family, compounded by mental illness & ignored cries of help.

So a mass shooting is caused by society rejecting a book that has 1,312 examples of violence it in?

From Genesis:

Because God liked Abel’s animal sacrifice more than Cain’s vegetables, Cain kills his brother Abel in a fit of religious jealousy.

All the way up to Revelation:

All liars, as well as those who are fearful or unbelieving, will be cast into “the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone.”

And that’s ignoring the millions of people throughout history who have killed because of there Christian faith. Of the top of my head, Adolph Hitler was a Catholic and said so in many of his speeches. So was Andrew Kehoe. The man responsible for the Bath School Disaster where a fertilizer bomb killed over 70 school children.

In fact, most forms of anti-Semitism can be blamed on Christianity. As anti-Semitism started in response to the idea that Jews killed Jesus Christ.

So what’s the answer?I have no idea. But I do no pretending that the reason is lack of faith is something is nonsensical. Maybe there is no answer, however, we must be honest about that being possible instead of just screaming there’s this magic solution to end all violence.



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