Republicans Are Using The Coronavirus For Political Points (And Other Thoughts On The Illness)

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You may have noticed I’ve written very little about the Coronavirus up until now. There’s a reason for that, I fell for the Ebola scare back in 2014. I thought we were all going to die, a total of one American did.

I’ll admit, when various doctors are saying the illness spreads through human excrement, I can’t bring myself to worry considering I live in a country where I do not normally come into contact with the shit of others.

Numbers have come out recently saying that 10% of the population of Earth is under quarantine because of the virus. While that may sound scary, remember most of this is happening in China. China, for those who don’t remember, is the same country that banned Winnie The Pooh. I don’t take the judgement of those guys all that seriously.

However, it seems like the virus won’t let me ignore it. This week, many are blaming it for the stock market dropping the fastest it has done since the crash of 2008. Mind you, the Dow Jones is still higher than it was at any point before October 2019, so I’m near certain we’ll be fine.

But this doesn’t stop crazy people from going after things nobody is saying. Here’s what Trump’s best friend Rush Limbaugh said on the topic:

So you’ve got here the CDC urging Americans to prepare for a coronavirus virus outbreak. ‘This might be bad, could be bad. Keep your kids at home. Don’t go anywhere. It might be bad. We’ve got 53 cases. It might be bad. It could be! The stock market’s plunging.’ Okay. This person running this agency, who does she donate to? Well, her brother is Rod Rosenstein.

The person he’s talking about is Dr. Nancy Messonnier, the Director Of The National Center For Immunization And Respiratory Diseases.

Two days earlier, Limbaugh said this illness was being weaponized against Trump by China. Actually, Chinese President Xi Jiping has said that he likes having Trump in office because he’s “easy to read.”

Here’s how Limbaugh responded when Buzzfeed ran the headline “Trump’s Biggest Supporters Thing The Coronavirus Is A Deep State Plot”:

You know, it is hard over the course of 31 years to even remember all the lies that have been fabricated, made up about me, things I’ve said, things I’ve done. This would have to rank in the top 10, if I can remember. The deep state created the coronavirus? Any of you people listening yesterday know that we have talked about the origin of this virus coming from Wuhan, China. I’ve told you how the virus was spread because of the diet of the Chinese. Makes people sick when I tell ’em. Don’t make me repeat this.

Instead, he suggests this is some kind of weird bait:

You know who this was? A woman named Dr. Nancy Messonnier. When I saw this, when I saw that story, I commanded the research guy here, “Find out who she donates to politically.” You know what came back? She’s Rod Rosenstein’s sister. Rod Rosenstein’s the deputy director of DOJ that hired Mueller to run that bogus investigation against Trump colluding with Russia, so forth and so on.

So I said, a-ha! So we got Rosenstein’s sister making this blanket statement. It’s the only time she’s spoken out. There’s somebody else that speaks for the CDC. This woman came out and said it’s not a question of if, it’s when, take your kids out of school and do not go to your office. I said whoa, whoa, what’s this? That’s what the media, the media wanted Trump to react to that. They wanted Trump to throw his own CDC under the bus.

But he had a different person from the CDC at the press conference with him. He did not have Rosenstein’s sister. He did not have Nancy Messonnier. He had somebody else. And he did not throw her under the bus, but they were trying to set him up. That woman, that Messonnier came out and said that outrageous stuff, and it was designed to set Trump up and here comes the media asking about it, “Are you gonna throw your own CDC under the bus, have any problem with the CDC and what they’ve said?” And Trump said, no, I got no problem. He did not fall for it, did not take the bait. It was clear as day what they were trying to do. That same reporter said, “Do you have any evidence the CDC is trying to hurt you?”

For the record, the people most worried about the illness have been Trump’s fellow conservative populists. And there would be no reason to take Messonnier to the meeting because she doesn’t lead the CDC, Robert Redfield does.

Hey, let’s see if Limbaugh gave the same benefit of the doubt to Barack Obama during the Ebola scare:

According to the crew, the healthcare worker showed no symptoms. Wait a minute. Wait just a minute! The director of the CDC says that if somebody doesn’t show symptoms, you can’t get it. Obama said it’s not coming here. And even if it does, we are perfectly equipped to handle it. We’re not. And it has. It was brought here. We brought it here.

I guess not. It seems Rush may just have some dislike of the CDC though, as that was the only thing that changed in these two examples. Seriously, during this outbreak the CDC says to worry, during the Ebola outbreak the CDC said there was no reason to.

But he’s not the only one, Dylan from Educating Liberals gave us this take on the issue:

The stock market dropped 1200 points today — the single worst drop in its history.

This is what happens when the Fake News Media scares the public into believing the Coronavirus is worse than the Spanish flu.

They will do anything to hurt Trump’s image before election season.

Wait, wouldn’t Trump want us to think the Coronavirus is the cause of the stock market crash? Seems like it would be a great excuse if his economic policies didn’t work out.

But don’t worry folks, Republicans are to the rescue. For instance, insane Senator Josh Hawley introduced legislation just this week to try and stop our medical dependence on China. Medical dependence we don’t actually have considering most of the medical research in the world takes place in the United States.

Here’s what Hawley said on Twitter:

My legislation will help secure our medical supply chains amid this #coronavirus outbreak. Too many of our vital antibiotics & other drugs are made in #China & facing shortfalls

Mind you, I’m not sure how limiting trade will cause more drugs to pop into existence. If anything, a drug shortage is the best time for free trade, we should be telling countries all over the world that we’ll import any drugs for a large sum of cash. Hawley however, sees a shortage as a reason to limit options, not expand them.

President Trump has said he will not pay for emergency preparations for a pandemic unless House Democrats agree to cut $37 million in welfare. While I’m all for a PAYGO rule, it doesn’t seem like a plague is the best time for one. I usually don’t believe in a blank check, but if there’s one time where such a thing makes sense, it’s now.

However, what I find hilarious is Senator Warren called his bluff and introduced a bill to take funding from the wall for the pandemic.

Just remember, according to Republicans this virus is a big deal, and that’s why we must not do anything to stop it.

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