Republican Strategist Went After Tulsi While She Was Losing, Says Nothing While She’s Winning

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Ana Navarro is a registered Republican. She was part of Jeb Bush’s transition team in 1998, co-chaired the Hispanic Advisory Council for John McCain and Jon Huntsman Jr., and supported Jed in 2016.

Ana Navarro said the reason she is a life-long Republican is because of Ronald Reagan’s support for the Nicaragua terrorist group, the Contras. Her father was a member of said terrorist group. During her first year of University, she also held fund raising events, raising money for the Contras.

With that said, is it any surprise she doesn’t like Tulsi Gabbard?

When Kamala Harris ignored Tulsi Gabbard during a debate with Joe Biden, Navarro said this:

Gabbard versus Harris.

Here we go! Oh wait, Kamala basically did a “talk to the hand” and went right back at Biden.

She also used a hand emoji that Medium would not let me copy and paste, but even if I could I wouldn’t because I wouldn’t want my readers to lose brain cells.

Later, when Tulsi went on the offensive against Kamala Harris, Ana Navarro didn’t say anything. Her Twitter was as blank.

It wasn’t that she stopped watching the debate. The first thing she Tweeted after Gabbard destroyed Harris was something that would only make sense to someone who watched the debates:

Does somebody have a link to that Biden op-ed, @ SenGillibrand is referring to? Cuz it sounds crazy and i’d like to read it in context.

This twitter account of a known terrorist supporter has 1.2 million followers. Here are the numbers of her Tweet at time of writing

  • 485 Retweets (0.04% of her followers)

Most of the replies are people calling Tulsi Gabbard a non-issue in tweets that it took three hours to age badly.

The Tulsi train isn’t stopping.

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