Republican Congressman Sues Twitter

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Devin Nunes (R-CA) announced on Hannity that he is filing a lawsuit against Twitter for $250 million. Why? Because they had accounts which made fun of his.

Of course, ever since the ban of right-wing columnist Milo Yanopulious Twitter has become increasingly more Orwellian in nature. Many remember when Twitter banned many people who responded to the idea pushed by former CIA employee Even McMullin that there was no deep state, which might have actually been the best proof of a deep state.

Contrary to popular belief, this does not only happen to those on the right (although the establishment loves to portray it as such while vilifying those on the right). Peter Douche — a twitter account made to parody Peter Daou, a man who decided his life to defending Hillary Clinton — was banned. Bet On My Storke — a parody from the left based on the nickname the social democrat Kyle Kulinski gave to Beto O’Rouke — was temporarily banned from Twitter.

Republicans have also caused many to lose accounts more often then they’ll admit. Even ignoring this, Ben Shapiro once tried to get Rosie O’Donald banned from Twitter for insulting him.

Nunes also is not the most pro-liberty man himself. He hates pot and loves government surveillance, like all the neo-conservatives.

These accounts, by the way, are people pretending to be his cow. Clearly, this is an example of slander.

This is ridiculous, plain and simple.

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