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Half a week ago, Jay Inslee announced he would stop his presidential run and instead run for a 3rd term as Governor of Washington. I’ve been debating on and off if I want to give him one final kick in the balls before he leaves, and I think I do to be honest.

Inslee basically ran on Climate Change, by his own admission. And he constantly treated this like a big deal. No Democrat — for instance, a Representative, turned Senator, turned Vice President — has ever, off the top of my head, held hearings on Climate Change, or been labeled “Mr. Ozone,” while running for office, or made a Documentary on Climate Change — wait a minute.

Even ignoring Al Gore, Inslee wasn’t the 2nd Democrat to talk about Climate Change either. President Carter put solar panels on the White House, which Reagan took off. President Obama was a cheerleader for green energy during his time in office — sometimes even to his own fault.

And it’s not even as if he was the only environmentalist Democrat in the race, Senator Cory Booker said his three biggest concerns were all Climate Change — proving he can’t count, but that’s besides the point. Senator Bernie Sanders was championing his cause for decades on end. Vice-President Joe Biden championed renewable energy just as much as the President he was second in command for. Mayor of New York City Bill De Blasio has basically banned all non-renewable forms of energy in the city, just as he’s banned most things. And I could go on.

I was the same issue I had with Eric Swalwell — a noun, a verb, and Parkland — he was basically only running on Gun Control in a party that has been pushing for Gun Control since the 1930s. The first two major Gun Control legislation were signed into law by Presidents Franklin Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnson.

At least with Andrew Yang’s nonsense UBI idea, I can safely say no DNC candidate has ran on it or tried to implement it.

Single issue candidates and parties tend to be a bad idea. No single issue candidate has ran and won since Lincoln back in 1860. And even then, that caused half the country to try and leave.

Tell me, how many single issue candidates tend to get anywhere? Even European Parties like UKIP ran on more than one issue. It’s simply because only running on one thing is never enough to get the majority of Americans to support you.

Any candidate running on a single issue should instead start looking into more than one. Really, if you only have an opinion on one thing related to politics you should start looking into more than one issue.

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