Random Questions About Space

Ephrom Josine
3 min readJul 12, 2022

Yesterday, news came out that the National Aeronautics and Space Administration had managed to take photos of stars at the very edge of the universe. Some of these stars are believed to have been as old as the universe itself. However, with this in mind, I personally have some questions about space that I would like some answers to. This isn’t some sarcastic “questions for scientists,” where I attempt to debunk these photos and the entire concept of space — these are just things I do not understand about space and would like some answers to.

  1. We know for a fact that the universe is expanding, just as we know that one day the universe will stop expanding and start to slowly implode until all matter is basically back to where it was at the time of the big bang. Although this is obviously a far off threat, am I the only one who finds it strange that we are doing nothing about this — or even talking about it? Is their a way to force the universe to expand, and what would such an effort even look like?
  2. We also know that a black hole exists at the center of our galaxy that is slowly eating everything. Again, obviously this is a very slow process that will not even be noticeable within my lifetime. However, once again, am I the only one who finds it strange that we are not doing anything about this? NASA scientists seem to except it as an inevitability that this black hole will destroy our universe one day — but shouldn’t we be able to figure out some way to stop it? Mind you scientists have billions of years to deal with this, but shouldn’t we at least start talking about sometime soon?
  3. Another thing that will one day destroy our universe if we do nothing: The sun has a limited star cycle, meaning it will burn out in about five billion years. Shouldn’t we be at least thinking about creating some kind of artificial sun as a back up, if only just in case our math is wrong and we have less time than we think? For that matter, how would one even go about creating an artificial star — let alone an artificial sun?
  4. Are stars actually shaped like stars, or are they like hearts where the artistic depictions have nothing to do with what they really look like? We know at least some stars aren’t the star shapes, because our sun is a star and that’s a sphere. For that matter, most things in space are spheres — or, at least, oblate spheroids — so why are they even called stars in the first place?
  5. Is their an actual astrological reason for why weeks, minutes, and hours are the times they are? I know why days, months, and years exist as they do, but I’ve never heard such an explanation for various other measurements of time.
  6. In the recent movie Beavis and Butthead Do The Universe, the two main characters are nearly murdered while in outer space. If you actually murder someone in space, could anyone prosecute you? Who has jurisdiction under such a situation — or is this like international waters where everything is legal because nobody can punish you?
  7. Speaking of jurisdiction, you guys remember back in the nineties where people were buying stars? How does somebody get the authority to sell other people stars? For that matter, how do you check to make sure a star is not owned by someone else before selling it to a person? Lastly, if a space age ever does occur, would I be able to visit a star I bought and invest in equity for it?



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