Problem-Reaction-Solution: LA Times Uses Mass Shooting To Attack Journalists

here is currently a war on independent journalists, no one is denying that. However, there is also a shadow war much fewer people are talking about. That being the war to snip the few remaining people in the mainstream media that actually qualify as journalists.

I covered this back during the New Zealand Massacre — including the odd habit to only give White attackers this treatment.

As I said at the time:

Was American media wrong for how it handled the attacks on 9/11? (Which, may I remind you, involved constant coverage without even a single commercial break by some networks) Did that “create new terrorists?” Of course not! Should we not be allowing books on the Holocaust as it will “create more Nazis?” No! Should we not allow the terrors of the USSR be told as it will “create another Stalin?” I refer you to my previous two answers.

To that question I add, was Ben Shapiro wrong to Tweet this:

Yes, I remember how laws drastically changed after Omar Mateen murdered 49 people at a gay nightclub and after Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik murdered 14 at a community center-2/15/2018

The two recent shootings in El Paso and Dayton have caused this idea to come back into public discourse. This is because of a model called “Problem, Reaction, Solution.” It’s a model many governments run on when they wish to become authoritarian. Allow me to explain how this relates:

PROBLEM: Mass shootings. Despite your odds of dying in a mass shooting being so low they only make up 0.2% of people murdered, of course.

REACTION: The government must do something!

SOLUTION: They pass another round of gun laws that don’t stop the problem, go to war in a few more countries, limit your freedom of movement, speech, assembly, and — in this case — of the press, and so on.

Of course, this never effects the people writing these laws. Remember the “Unmask Antifa” act? The one that tried to ban wearing a mask in public so you can be identified, just in case. Well that legislation still allows corporations to donate however much they want to congress — anonymously of course.

hile I can not confirm the Dayton and El Paso attacks were false flags, although that was very possible for quite awhile but currently seems pretty unlikely, I can promise you the way the media has acted regarding this tragedy has made many raise an eyebrow.

On 8/4/2019, The Los Angles Times published an op-ed titled “We Have Studied Every Mass Shooting Since 1966. Here’s What We’ve Learned About The Shooters.”

It starts out fine — pointing out that most mass shooters have had childhood trauma and a crisis point, but then it starts attacking the freedom of the press.

Third, most of the shooters had studied the actions of other shooters and sought validation for their motives. People in crisis have always existed. But in the age of 24-hour rolling news and social media, there are scripts to follow that promise notoriety in death. Societal fear and fascination with mass shootings partly drives the motivation to commit them. Hence, as we have seen in the last week, mass shootings tend to come in clusters. They are socially contagious. Perpetrators study other perpetrators and model their acts after previous shootings. Many areradicalized online in their search for validation from others that their will to murder is justified.

What did I write less than week ago:

Whenever something new comes out, people simply do not understand what it is and how to use it so they’re scared of it. Of course, it’s human nature to be afraid of the unknown, however it always makes you look quite ridiculous in hindsight.

Of course, this idea can be debunked simply by looking at the amount of gun homicides for any year before our own.

Here’s a graph:

The first 24 hour news network — The Cable News Networks, or CNN — was founded in 1980. Homicide rates are down in spite of this 24 hour coverage. The largest 24 hour news network is often considered to be Fox News, which opened in 1996. Homicides are lower now than they were in 1996. 1996 was also the first year many Americans began to get access to the internet, so it can not be that either.

If I were to believe the LA Times here’s what else I would have to believe:

  • Watergate caused more people to bug hotel rooms
  • The Assassination of JFK causes more people to try and kill the President
  • Magic Johnson getting HIV caused more people to get HIV
  • Freddy Mercury dying of HIV caused more people to die of HIV
  • Mel Gibson being arrested caused more people to drive drunk and give anti-Semitic rants at cops when they were arrested
  • The invasion of Iraq caused more Americans to own WMD’s
  • Many more illogical things

This is what happens when you assume humans are bots with no free will, which they tell us we are in hopes we will become just that. It’s no coincidence many people saying this are fans of or even friends with Sam Harris — who denies we have free will.

he goal is this is simple, suppression of information. Within the next debate, I believe Congress will introduce, and more than likely pass, some form of legislation to limit how long the media is allow to talk about a mass shooter and what details they can report.

Of course, this will be after Josh Hawley redefines public to mean whatever the state wants it to mean.

There’s an old joke from atheists: The best way to become an atheist is to read the Bible. Well the exact same is true of official government reports. This is why those most likely to be skeptical of the official story of 9/11 are those who own a copy of the 9/11 Commission Report.

The government knows the jig is up, as such they have asked the useful idiots in the mainstream media to take cover for them. We need a mass awakening of the citizens in order to understand the truth.

Writer On Both History And Politics; Peaceful Globalist; Follow My Twitter: @EphromJosine1

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