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One of the main things this President has been promising us is a gain in manufacturing jobs across various mid-west states. The President declared himself “tariff man,” back in 2016 and promised us he would bring jobs back to the United States. That’s why he ran against NAFTA and various other free trade programs.

During his administration, he told us that our lose in jobs — which has barely happened at all in the past decade — was the reason we needed a trade war with China, a border wall, and more tariffs. Yet, the swing states that caused him to be President have now been seen to not once benefit from his current trade war.

“Wisconsin has lost about 5,200 manufacturing jobs since August of last year. In Pennsylvania, losses of manufacturing jobs topped 7,700, according to the survey,” according to a new article in The Hill.

Wisconsin gave President Trump 10 electoral votes, and Pennsylvania gave him another 20. Without them, Trump would have only had 274 electoral votes, meaning a small number of faithless electors (during 2016 there were two in states that voted for Trump) could have caused Trump to not get a majority causing it to go to the House. This is all speculation of course, after all, no faithless electors existed back in the really close election in 2000, however, this could have changed the whole election.

These are also the states Trump should keep a very close eye on. By all factors, Trump is considered to be quite venerable among incumbent Presidents. This means even the smallest amount of change in the support of swing voters could cost him the election. After all, he only won Wisconsin by 22,748 votes and Pennsylvania by 44,292 votes.

He should especially be worried about the state of Wisconsin, considering it was a blue state until quite recently — voting Democrat since 1988 consistently.

Now let’s get to the important part, how Trump conned them. According to the above mentioned article these states have had “the greatest losses in manufacturing jobs between 2018 and 2019.” Yes, even greater than the high tax states Trump supporters hate so much like California and Minnesota.

My friend Plum Tuckered crunched the numbers given by the Bureau of Labor Statistics and found the state of Wisconsin has been completely stagnant in regards to the overall job state of manufacturing. Meaning there have not been jobs gained or lost — instead they remain exactly at zero.

This proves Trump’s economy is nothing more than a scam. Trump is not giving voters cheaper products that would exist under free trade while also not providing any new jobs for the average workers.

This is the kind of man Donald Trump is, one who makes sure to always give you the worst he can.

Writer On Both History And Politics; Peaceful Globalist; Follow My Twitter: @EphromJosine1

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