Pete Buttigieg Angry About The Amount Of Debate At This Debate (And Other Thoughts On Last Night)

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Last night, ABC held the third Democratic Primary debate. Calling it awful is an insult to the term, as the debate quickly became three hours of honest to God nonsense.

Pete Buttigieg was easily the worst. Commonly, he seemed to never to actually want to answer the question. Instead, choosing to give basic responses related to almost nothing.

The worst of course being him complains about Democrats being at each others throats. It strikes me as if he was at a primary debate or something along those lines.

If Pete truly wanted to stop political divisions, he would drop out of the race. Especially when you consider his supporters are easily the most dedicated — and divisive — of anyone in the race, even more so than Bernie Sanders.

Buttigieg’s hatred of political division has made him praise things no Democrat ever should. For instance, he praised the political unity of America after 9/12 — proving he was a secret Glenn Beck fan. However, the aftermath of 9/11 led to The PATRIOT Act, the Iraq War, and Republicans keeping control of the House in 2002. These are things that no Democrat should ever praise, yet this is the America Buttigieg wants.

The Rest Of The Idiots

While I hate Pete Buttigieg, that does not make any of the candidates any better. The rest of them were a bunch of idiots as well.

Joe Biden was basically bullied the entire debate, again. However, he kind of deserved it. Although, I will totally leave my record player on tonight in his honor.

Cory Booker said something, but nobody remembers it.

I forgot Julian Castro was in the debate until I Googled it. I’m sure he said something though, don’t get me wrong.

Kamala Harris — you know what, let me sum this up, the only candidate that got anyone's attention was Bernie Sanders. And this wasn’t because of his new bold ideas, it was because he sounded like his voice was going away for most of the debate.

Oh, and Yang is going to give $1000 a months to ten random families. I pretty sure that violates campaign finance laws, but at this point the only person those laws apply to is Paul Manafort.

Is it any surprise Tulsi Gabbard won a debate she wasn’t even in? I’m not even joking, here are the Google results of every candidate during the debate:

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Tulsi 2020!

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