Pelosi’s Salon Scandal (And Why It Matters)

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On 9/1/2020, Los Angels Mayor Eric Garcetti announced the following through Twitter:

Today I authorized the City to disconnect utility service at a residence in the Cahuenga Pass to stop the large parties being held there in violation of public health orders. Parties can spread the coronavirus, and hosting or attending one can put lives at risk.

Now I have a number of issues with the government being able to do this. For one, utilities are usually provided by private companies, and government would not be refunding you for money you spent on utilities you can not longer use — making this theft.

For that matter, if what these people are doing can be punished by law, why not arrest them? Our entire justice system has always been based on punishment being either monetary pay or removal from society — not having your utilities being shut off. That’s such an odd punishment, clearly only done because that means he does not need to go through normal due process.

On Monday, video was leaked of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi getting her hair cut at a salon that was closed. Pelosi not only agrees with the lock downs done by people like Garcetti, but has even asked the President to implement a mandatory mask mandate, which also violates the Americans With Disabilities Act. However, when she went to a salon herself, she did not wear a mask. And all of this is in spite of Pelosi, as an elderly woman, being in the high risk category for death from COVID-19 — I wonder how her grandchildren feel right now.

Mind you, wearing a mask does not actually decrease your risk of getting COVID-19. The virus can still get in through other openings on your body besides your nose and mouth, such as through your tear ducts. This is also why the CDC at first only recommended you wear masks if you were already showing symptoms of the illness.

However, again, Pelosi has called for nation wide mask mandates, even if you’re not showing symptoms (or if doing such a thing would cause panic attacks). As such, especially considering how high risk she is, she should have been willing to wear a mask.

This is far from the first time this has happened. Pelosi had previously recommended people visit China Town in San Francisco in order to combat Trump’s anti-China racism (which I have been a constant critic of) — which would also near certainly violate social distancing orders recommended by her party.

Since then, Pelosi has argued that she was tricked by a Salon owner — how that happened, I still have no idea. However, the issue at hand is just how common it has become for elected leaders to ignore the laws when it’s convenient for them. Hence why Michael Flynn can plead guilty twice and still be declared innocent, in spite of pleading guilty under any other circumstance meaning you’ve given up your right to a trial. Or how the President has admitted that he can go full Nixon and nobody can stop him (remember that one?).

Make no mistake, the ruling class of this country thinks its above the law.

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