Pelosi Tries To Get Dems To Pass Two State Solution Resolution

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Throughout all of 2019, especially since Rep. Omar’s infamous comments about what it’s all about, Democrats have been taking a tougher and tougher stance on Israel. Both Senators and Presidential Candidates Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have talked about cutting aid to Israel if they continue to occupy Palestine.

However, Presidential Candidates are far from the only group of Democrats with a new critical eye towards the country — as even former AIPAC speaker Nancy Pelosi has done the unthinkable and encouraged Congress to pass a resolution that would show support for a two state solution.

This resolution was introduced by California Democrat Alan Lowenthal, who is himself very Jewish. Rep. Lowenthal wrote the following on Twitter on 4/9/2019:

Whatever government is formed in Israel, we can’t let hope for a two-state solution be extinguished. We must recommit to a negotiated peace between Israelis and Palestinians that yields two states that respect each other’s right to exist.

This helps show a shift between what use to be impossible to what is possible — even regarding foreign affairs.

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