Pedophilia, Blood Lust, And Arty Morty

Ephrom Josine
5 min readDec 6, 2021

On 11/27/2021, Arty Morty — one of the top TERFs and a good friend of Graham Linehan and a top member of LGB Alliance Canada — tweeted the following:

Yeah, actually a lot of radfems deeply believe anyone with AGP deserves to die. I’ve seen shocking viciousness that can only be described as bloodlust.

For those unaware, AGP is short for “Autogynophilia,” or the idea that transgender people transition to satisfy a fetish they have where they become women. It’s a long discredited hypothesis that’s utter nonsense, but which the transphobic still have to believe in order for their ideology to make any sense.

Of course, his fellow TERFs did not like this characterization. Ovarit — which appears to be a Reddit knock-off for TERFs — saw someone posting his tweet with the caption “AGP-sympathiser Morty Arty at it again. Not all GC men are allies.” The most upvoted post, written by a user named llkit, reads:

Bloodlust? Fuck off mate. For those of us who have been in relationships with AGP is a mix of processing whatever the hell we just experienced, sympathy directed towards wanting those with AGP to get better mental health care, and a desire to let others know AGP is a thing and it’s not about rights it’s about awareness of what their agenda is.

Of course, the question then becomes “why would anyone think TERFs have bloodlust?” Maybe from Lily Cade’s recent rants? You know, like when she wrote this:

Lynch Kaitlyn! Lynch the “Sisters” Wachowski! Lynch Laurel Hubbard! Lynch Fallon Fox! Make these men stand up as the men you all know they are and hold them accountable for their shame. Your fear of the truth has shoveled thousands of children down the hole in Buffalo Bill’s basement so he can harvest them for their skins. Enough is Enough.

In case you are curious, here is what Ovarit user lman wrote on these posts:

I’m quite disappointed to see women here who are supposedly “gender critical” dismiss this woman so readily when it came to her “obviously unhinged “ blogs like are you serious?? You’re embarrassing and this is part of the reason it’s getting increasingly hard to call myself GC. She was being attacked even by the ones who proudly call themselves TERFs you’d think they’d understand

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