On Babies And The Eating Of

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To solve climate change, AOC and her supporters have come up with many ideas. While some support stopping cows from farting and such, those are unrealistic. However, cannibalism is quite realistic, as AOC learned in a townhall meeting.

Mind you, one of the major factors of the climate change movement is that we should have less kids. Bernie Sanders recently called for extending contraception and funding abortion for both this and to stop overpopulation — which many have dishonestly called “eugenics.” However, what if you want to get pregnant often, don’t believe in birth control or abortions, and still care about Climate Change — we’ll call you an environmental catholic.

Well in 1729 Johnathan Swift of Gulliver's Travel fame wrote a poem called “A Modest Proposal,” joking about women having more children during famine should eat them instead of putting a burden on the community. Here is what a woman at AOC’s townhall had to say on this subject:

Evidence has come out saying this woman was not a real AOC fan, but a Trump supporter protesting this townhall. However, the fact that such a thing was realistic too so many people should tell you just how off the wall some of these activists can be.

Of course, the ideas of overpopulation have been debunked time and time again. Hence why people who believe in it must feel the need to keep moving back the number. When this idea started, the limit has half a billion people — we are up to eight billion people.

Mr.Enter made a very good video a few years back on a Captain Planet episode on over-population, where he debunked the idea perfectly:

Let’s not forget that Ted Turner, who has five kids, once voiced support for China’s one child policy.

Shane Killian also did a great debunking of the idea in only two minutes:

Overpopulation is a myth, plain and simple.

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