Outrage Over (Made Up) Outrage: The Helluva Boss Story

Ephrom Josine
5 min readJun 7, 2023

This article began life on 6/6/2023, when the official twitter for the webtoon Helluva Boss posted a short GIF with the following caption:

Summer bringing hellish goodies next #HelluvaBoss is already on it’s way!

A user with the handle @SundaySkylar quote tweeted this and added the following:

The 14 year olds accussing [sic] this as transphobic as if there isn’t a canon trans character in this show and that cross dressing hasn’t been a thing in the show since the first season. Baby queers go away.

For those unaware, “baby queers” are young LGBT people — and I am the first one to admit that certain opinions associated with the newest generation are on the dumber side. Last year, I spent several articles defending the validity of mspec lesbians, going after an opinion typically seen in the newest generation, for example. However, I do not allow mindless hatred of the people below a certain age blind my judgement and turn me into little more than an irrational critic — so I decided to read both the quote tweets and the replies to the original tweet, and could not find anybody calling it transphobic.

Given this, I decided to reply to the tweet with the following:

I checked the replies and quote tweets and couldn’t find one



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