Outrage Over (Made Up) Outrage: The Helluva Boss Story

Ephrom Josine
5 min readJun 7, 2023

This article began life on 6/6/2023, when the official twitter for the webtoon Helluva Boss posted a short GIF with the following caption:

Summer bringing hellish goodies next #HelluvaBoss is already on it’s way!

A user with the handle @SundaySkylar quote tweeted this and added the following:

The 14 year olds accussing [sic] this as transphobic as if there isn’t a canon trans character in this show and that cross dressing hasn’t been a thing in the show since the first season. Baby queers go away.

For those unaware, “baby queers” are young LGBT people — and I am the first one to admit that certain opinions associated with the newest generation are on the dumber side. Last year, I spent several articles defending the validity of mspec lesbians, going after an opinion typically seen in the newest generation, for example. However, I do not allow mindless hatred of the people below a certain age blind my judgement and turn me into little more than an irrational critic — so I decided to read both the quote tweets and the replies to the original tweet, and could not find anybody calling it transphobic.

Given this, I decided to reply to the tweet with the following:

I checked the replies and quote tweets and couldn’t find one person calling this transphobic. Can we please not go back to 2016 “making up people who are offended at things we like and getting mad at them” culture?

The person later replied to me with a tweet of somebody saying they expect the future episode the GIF comes from to be transphobic, however this doesn’t actually prove their point. First off, the original tweet made it sound like this was something multiple people were doing, not just one person. Second off, the claim was that people were directly calling the episode transphobic, not that they were predicting it was going to be. Although these may sound like small differences, my point was that this person was making a mountain out of a molehill — as they say — and the disparities between what they made it sound like happened and what actually occurred show that I was correct.no

Those who have read this blog for any substantial amount of time know that I have an utter hatred of fake…



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