Our Attempt To Stop Mass Shootings Could Become A Second War On Terror

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Another mass shooting last night. Last night, it was in Texas and eight people died. While not as widely covered as over mass shootings have been, this still has been covered greatly by the mainstream media. And because it took place in a Republican state with very little gun control, people are blaming guns.

Ways to “fix,” this mass shooting “problem,” are being suggested left and right. From banning mentally ill people from owning guns (they’re equally as likely to commit homicide as the general population), to banning assault weapons (homicide rates went down after the bill expired), to banning AR-15’s (which don’t cause most mass shootings).

This reminds me of what happened post-9/11. President George W. Bush declared a War on Terror (whatever that means) which included the PATRIOT Act, the TSA, and the Department of Homeland Security.

None of these things did anything. The PATRIOT Act was ineffective at stopping terrorists and just gave the government to right to spy on us. The TSA has never been shown to stop a single terrorist, even according to the FBI. And the Department of Homeland Security did not really do anything during the Bush years except give us colors to show us how dangerous we are.

Do you want proof it didn’t work? Just ask yourself why we have such a mass shooting problem in the United States. If the War on Terror policies actually worked, shouldn’t we be a safe nation right now?

It’s the same thing that you should be asking about Joe Biden’s infamous crime bill. If it was so great why, must I ask, was there so much crime in the 90s and 2000s?

I hate to inform you guys, but murder is already illegal.

It’s the same that that the populist-right has been doing all day with false rape claims. After game developer Alec Holowka killed himself due to sexual harassment claims made by feminist Zoe Quinn (which were never proven to be false, might I add), the same people who said “how the fuck is cyber bullying real,” are calling for false sexual harassment claims to be prosecuted.

This falls apart once you realize both slander and libel are already illegal, just putting them in jail instead of suing them won’t change anything. For that matter, would it just be “false” claims or “lying” claims? If it’s the first than you’re punishing many people, some of them may be rape victims who made a mistake, because you think it will save people you don’t even like in the first place.

Seriously, you ever notice how many of them don’t hold the same standards when male feminists are accused of rape?

Making crime double extra super duper secret illegal won’t do anything, it’s quite simple.

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