One thing you didn’t seem to understand was what I was arguing: I was making the case that the defeating of the AXIS Powers by the United States (among others) was allowed under the ideas of non-interventionism. The quote that you’re referring to was talking about the involvement of the United States in World War 2. I thought I made this quite obvious as the rest of the article is only United States based, as the point was to argue against another claim primarily made in the United States.

You may find that insulting to the various other places you listed — and in a way I might even agree, however, I must ask, out of the five, well we’ll just call them areas (because I’m near certain you want me to slip and call Europe a country) which have had the biggest influence in foreign policy since the second World War?

The answer is clearly the United States, with China slowly gaining more and more power overtime since. Korea is still in a proxy/civil war more or less. Both Malaysia and North Africa, while they certainly have been significant at various points, have never been a powerhouse or all that important on the world stage.

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