Obama 2020: What Happens When You Refuse To Have A Personality

I recall during the final years of the Obama administration, many on the more conspiracy types on the right-wing thought president Obama might try to get a 3rd term. A small YouTuber named “Russianvids” who called Obama the anti-Christ was convinced of this, as was Alex Jones during a segment of his show. However, it seems like that previously idiotic idea was more accurate than we first thought.

I don’t mean in regards to the possibility of Michelle Obama running. That is not going to happen. It was a rumor only the corporate media even talked about, despite her never even implying any interest in doing such a thing.

What I’m referring to is the fact that many of the current Democrats running for president seem to simply wish to be a second Obama instead of a first them.

Of course, former Vice-President Joe Biden has been announcing different days to start his presidential campaign for the past six months. However, since he was actually an Obama appointee he is allowed to brag about accomplishments from the Obama era. Mind you, this does not mean we can not question his record as a progressive on race issues considering he was against desegregation of buses and bragged about working with Dixiecrats during his early years in congress.

Julian Castro is a similar case. During his first speech as a presidential candidate, many noticed just how similar his speaking style was to his boss. Why is he doing this? Because, as I’ve reported before (a month ago, in fact), it helps hide just how little substance his campaign has.

Wikipedia, a website with a large establishment bias, lists only as Castro’s economic position “Castro ‘believes in balanced budgets’.” It also says nothing about his reverse gentrification policy which raised crime rates in suburbs by over 100%.

However, even those who had nothing to do with Obama are jumping on this bandwagon. Beto O'Rourke is either having the controversy of Sanders or the ideas of Obama. Mayor of Miramar, Wayne Messam, is currently running to be the 2nd black president despite his only political position being “ Messam has called for the cancellation of all student debt.” (An idea I do agree with)

Worst of all, mayor of South Bend, Indiana, and media darling Pete Buttigieg. Here’s what I said about him a month ago:

I would love to be able to support Pete Buttigeig or Jay Inslee, but even in a primary of nothing they barley count as part of this universe.

Since then, Pete has launched a few bad faith attacks against Vice-President Mike Pence for being homophobic and nothing else. He has even said he believes politics has become to focused on policy. I’ve said before the only reason he is running is to be the first openly gay Democratic presidential candidate

Make no mistake, people like Pete will lose. Not because he’s gay (what will be the answer of the false progressives like Dan Savage) but instead because he’s a bad candidate. The American people have heard it’s morning for the past 40 years, by 2020 they’re clearly sick of it.

Writer On Both History And Politics; Peaceful Globalist; Follow My Twitter: @EphromJosine1

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