North Korea Keeps Having Weapons Tests. But I Thought The Trump Strategy Was Working?

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North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un has recently started doing many weapons test on his country’s soil. Just today he announced he planed on doing more rocket launcher tests.

From The Hill:

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un oversaw a test of a new multiple rocket launcher system that could better position the country to attack targets in South Korea, including U.S. military bases there, Pyongyang officials said Thursday.

On 7/30/2019 The Spectator Index reported the following on Twitter:

BREAKING: North Korea has launched multiple missiles

But wait, I thought Trump had created peace with North Korea. That’s what the Republican-media had been telling us for months on end. But why would a leader feel the need to test new weapons in the case of an attack if he was at peace with those nations in question?

Here are some things the right have been saying about Trump regarding North Korea:

Louder With Crowder

Past administrations, including the “great” Obama, tried diplomacy and appeasement when dealing with the Kims. Which accomplished jack squat. Trump, on the other hand, threatened to “fire and fury” little Kim’s rear end out of existence if he didn’t chill out. Now, not even a year later, NoKo is backing off and may finally be coming to their senses. Hardly a coincidence.4/20/2018

The same “tough talk” that would eventually lead unstable Little Kim to poke his jam hands all over the nuke buttons, therefore wiping Guam off of Planet Earth? Well turns out we’re not quite into World War Three. Because that same “tough talk” has put Little Kim back into his high chair. At the kid’s table.-8/25/2017

So while you may even think “Let’s not escalate this nuke situation” and believe Trump answering Kim Jong Un with his “fire and fury” comments was escalation, remember that Trump just used words. And Trump, who’s been president for *checks watch* 8 months, isn’t the one who has “escalated” this North Korean problem.-8/10/2017

Charlie Kirk

If Hillary Clinton was President we would have a war in North Korea and Iran Trump is a “peacemaker!” Using strength and toughness he exerts America’s dominance, without war, and using dialogue! This is what REAL diplomacy looks like Total win! Nobel Peace Prize?-6/30/2019

Obama got us close to war with Korea. Trump ended the Korean War,-4/20/2019

If a Democrat self funded a campaign for President, worked for free, tirelessly fought for the American worker, passed prison reform, ended the Korean War, destroyed ISIS, made US energy independent, achieved lowest ever black & Hispanic unemployment, he would be called a hero-1/28/2019

Educating Liberals

BREAKING NEWS. North Korea says they are ready to discuss denuclearization. The fact that Trump has even gotten Kim Jung-Un to the negotiating table at all speaks major volumes about his leadership. I’m eager to see how liberals find a way to hate this.-4/8/2018

While President Trump was busy negotiating the denuclearization of North Korea, CNN was busy talking about how expensive the summit’s lunch menu was. Apparently World Peace isn’t worth shrimp & ice cream. Every time I think CNN cannot get any more pathetic, they prove me wrong.-6/13/2018

Remember that time when liberals thought Trump would get us into WWIII with North Korea, but then he met with Kim Jong Un & they decided to denuclearize instead? That was awesome.-6/12/2018

Liberals hate our President so much that half of them WANT a nuclear war with North Korea just to make him look bad.-3/10/2018

Liberals have always claimed to be anti-war & supporters of World Peace, yet you would have thought President Trump started World War 3 with how they reacted to him denuclearizing North Korea & bringing our troops home from Syria. It’s almost as if they’re brainwashed.-12/23/2018

President Trump is accomplishing something our last 11 Presidents could not — putting an end to the 65 year Korean War. This man is literally achieving World Peace. #Legendary-4/27/2018

This isn’t me calling for war. Anyone who knows me knows that is the last thing I want. However, Trump going over there and shaking his hand clearly is not working. Improving relations is not doing anything.

Treat them like a hermit country. Go back to allowing Kim Jong Un to do whatever he wants in his own boarders. Ignore him when he says something about United States leaders. Don’t treat him like a legitimate leader, that’s what he wants most of all. Giving it to him is simply helping him.

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