None Dare Call It Racism

Earlier this week, a white person named Robert Aaron Long killed eight Asian-Americans who worked at three different Massage Parlors in Atlanta, Georgia. One might think, considering six of the eight women were Asian in a city that’s 5.1% Asian that this crime might have some racial motive behind it. And if that’s the case, then you’re a stupid race-obsessed liberal who clearly needs to be watching more mainstream media.

As of writing, the Atlanta Police Department has not said if they consider what happened to be a hate crime. In fact, one officer, Cherokee County Sheriff Frank Reynolds, had a rather odd theory as to why these crimes happened:

He made indicators that he has some issues, potentially sexual addiction, and may have frequented some of these places in the past.

Of course, the argument that this massacre only happened because Long was had “indicators” he was “potentially” a sex addict has a few issues. First off, what does Reynolds mean that Long “made indicators”? Did Long say he was a sex-addict or not?

Second off, what does Reynolds mean by “potentially sexual addiction”? Was he a sex addict or wasn’t he?

Third off, what does him being a sex addict have to do with him killing eight people? According to one study, up to ten percent of men in the United States are sex addicts in some way. Yet, we do not see ten percent of men murdering eight women.

Forth off, let’s say he was a sex addict, how does that disprove the notion that racism was involved? Let's take a minute and buy into the (utterly nonsensical, might I add) narrative that “massage parlor” is just a dog-whistle for “brothel,” that still doesn’t explain why only Asian women were shot. Long shot up two Massage Parlors, both on opposite sides of Atlantia — if this was really some anti-sex worker rage (which the Atlantia police are clearly implying), you’d expect him to also have killed some sex workers along the way between the two locations. You really cannot expect me to believe that he was unable to find a sex worker in the middle of the night in Atlantia.

But of course, it does not matter just how illogical the excuse is, because the only thing matters is that we found some way to deny the killings were racist. Because in our society right now, if you are in a position of power, the worst thing you can do is dare to accuse your fellow white man of racism.

You might remember after the George Floyd body-cam footage was released, one question America asked was if the officer who killed George Floyd, Derek Chauvin, was a racist. Mind you, I don’t see how that’s relevant to the question about if it was a case of police brutality, but that’s what happened. At the time, I wrote the following:

What I’m getting at is “he wasn’t racist” should not be the only thing we judge a police officer by. That is the bare minimum standard for the vast majority of society, and not therefore something we should celebrate. No matter how you look at it, George Floyd was treated in an unfair light by that police officer, and arguing rather or not that was due to his skin color is missing the forest for the trees.

Guess what, what I said still applies. Hence why we’re now arguing if a mass shooter who only killed Asian people is racist. Anyone with half-a-brain should be able to figure out that he is, yet people want to keep denying it.