No, There Is Not An “Anti-Semitic Crisis” In New York City

After the main-stream media realized they were unable to divide us through previous means (race, sex, and sexual orientation), they’ve been trying like hell to bring us back to those days. They’ve done this through a few means, most notably convincing us we’re already divided on politics (isn’t that an improvement?) and by writing stories talking about how they’ve succeeded anyway so this should continue. This creates a self-fulfilling prophecy. When Republicans spent six years saying we were one Obama comment away from a race war, they knew something like the Black Lives Matter riots would occur. That’s why they did it. The older among my readers may remember Republicans holding up “A vote for Kerry is a vote for gay marriage” signs back in 2004. Again, if they can convince us homosexuals and Christians are enemies, they’re more likely to hate each other. Then the media can run stories with headlines “why does everyone hate each other?” while playing innocent.

They are currently doing this with Jewish-Americans, a group Americans are especially sensitive towards considering we helped save them from German genocide. Did you know it’s anti-Semitic to say Israel has a lobby? That’s what Rep. Omar said, and she’s a Muslim woman so everything she says about the Jewish is anti-Semitic. It doesn’t matter every group under the sun has a lobby these days, Jews are just too stupid to form one. And that’s somehow less anti-Semitic than saying they’re the same as everyone else. No, this isn’t me saying 89 Senators have citizenship in Israel (a conspiracy theory that was made up by anti-Semites), I’m just pointing out basic facts.

I bring this up because according to New York City Council Speaker Corey Johnson (who has previously tried banning smokeless tobacco products across the city and has been arrested for civil disobedience) believes the city has “ an anti-Semitism crisis in New York.”

According to The Wall Street Journal, the NYPD has “ had 176 complaints of hate crimes from Jan. 1 to May 19 . . . an 83% increase in hate-crime complaints across all categories, compared with the same period in 2018.”

Of course, the man who said that was an openly gay HIV positive Democrat, so if it was made about any other minority group Republicans would just brush it off and call it “playing the victim.” Here are instead some comments from Josh Hammer’s article on the subject over at The Daily Wire (which is run by a man who thinks being homosexual should still be considered a mental illness):

Trump has Jewish grand children, supports Jews and Israel and so attacks on Jews are up. It’s not complicated.

Wake up Jews, leave Democrat Party for eternity! If you are a Democrat today, you are a member of Fascist Party USA

Can we for the record pin that on liberals? It’s NYC, so I don’t think MAGA (sic) supporters are behind that. If a few rednecks can paint all conservatives as “racist”, it’s more than fair to say that the Left is anti-Semitic.

ANTISEMITISM is a CREATURE of the LEFT and the NAZIS of course were the National SOCIALIST German WORKERS Party’

Imagine that with the Dem Party partnering with the Islam and their dynamic duo of hate Ilhan and the other ugly one.

So, in the words of the new Dim icon and raging anti-Semite Omar, ‘some people did some things’. Jewish people, leave the Dim plantation, it’s your only hope.

This remarkable Hammer “forgot” to mention that most of attackers are black. I never saw anything worthwhile written by this guy.

We see, daily from the democrat trolls here, their anti-Semitic hate in their posts. We see the attacks by democrats on Jews and Synagogues. Democrats, the party of hatred and communism.

And that’s just the first page. Although Josh is clearly grooming this. In this article, he calls a New York Times comic showing a man who brags about making Trump work do what he wants leading a blind president “ Third Reich-reminiscent.”

In order to debunk this myth, we simply need to do a little bit of math. For the sake of argument, we’ll pretend all of these “complaints” are different crimes and that “complaints” are the same as convictions. They’re not, but I’ll be generous. I’ll even assume all these attacks were done simply because the person in question was Jewish (something that is highly unlikely). The math still does not add up.

As of 2012, there are 1.1 million Jewish-Americans in New York City. This means 0.016% of them have been the victim of a hate crime (again, using my highly generous figures). Meanwhile, the average New Yorker has a 0.4662% chance of being a victim of a crime as of 2016. This means the Jewish in New York actually have a lower chance of being the victim of crime than do the average citizen.

But that doesn’t stop Hammer and his Daily Wire buddies from trying to divide a nation so they can complain it’s divided. Here are some more comments, and remember this article was released yesterday:

the reason the increase in anti-semitic (sic) hate crimes is getting no attention it because 99% of the crimes are being carried out by black teens and young adults. simple as that. the moment a white guy attacks an orthodox jew, it’ll be headlining the news for weeks and weeks.

The mere fact this current anti-semitism isn’t broadcast by major media underlines all the anti-semitism is coming from the left. But to combat that, MSNBC has gone as far as to label Louis Farrakhan as a far right instigator. LOL

Not surprising that AOC was elected there.

America has two problems. One is Black, and the other is muslim. Both of these ‘problem’ people are supported and enabled by the Democrat Party. Both of these ‘problem’ people are known for attacking Jews. Jews also support the Democrat Party in huge numbers. Seems to me they are getting what they voted for.

Gee, it almost sounds like some group is fomenting hatred.

People have convinced themselves of this lie, it’s honestly sad. I just want a world where the only thing that divides us is our ideas, and we aren’t too far off of that. However, these MSM pundits would prefer you be distracted hating each other because then you can’t hate them.

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Political Commentator; Follow My Twitter: @EphromJosine1

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Ephrom Josine

Ephrom Josine

Political Commentator; Follow My Twitter: @EphromJosine1

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