No, Partisanship Is Not Why People Don’t Believe Tara Reade

Well, now Senator Gillibrand (D-NY) has said that she stands with Joe Biden in the face of accusations against Tara Reade. Que the calls of partisanship being the reason she believed Ford (who, I could have sworn, was a liar according to these people) and not Reade. I guess we’re all supposed to ignore the fact that she was one of the leading voices in the Senate calling for the removal of Al Franken — hardly a hardcore Republican.

A recent tweet from Charlie Kirk also tried to expose the hypocrisy of Senator Harris (D-CA):

Kirk then links to an article from The Hill. Maybe if we read it we can find what changed:

Oh, the women who are accusing him. Meaning Senator Harris still believes these first four, but does not believe Tara Reade — what’s the issue here? That she does not blindly believe everyone who accuses Biden — wait, I thought Kirk was against listen and believe.

Now, am I saying no hypocrisy is taking place, of course not. It’s perfectly possible that partisanship is why this or that commentator believed Ford but not Reade. However, coming from someone who mindlessly believed Ford (and regrets doing so), most people are slightly more complicated than that.

That’s something that bothers me much more, the people who called Ford every awful name under the sun are now demanding we give Reade the same treatment — because now they insist this is just as credible.

Here’s a recent tweet from Michael Knowles:

So how credible did Michael find Ford? Because saying Reade is more believable than someone he in no way believed — doesn’t prove anything now that I think about it.

While on this topic, the claim made by Knowles and others that Reade has “never changed her story” is total bullshit. The story as to why she left Washington D.C., which she is now saying was because of what Biden did, has changed a number of a times. This includes her also saying that it was because her husband got a job elsewhere and that she grew a left-wing view on foreign politics and as such could not work for the “evil empire.”

Yes, I saw the clip of Larry King Tonight of a woman, who Tara is now saying is her mom, calling into the show to talk about how some big name Senator sexually harassed her daughter.

However, this would mean Reade:

  • Got sexually assaulted by Joe Biden in 1993
  • Told various members of her friends and family that Biden sexually assaulted her
  • Then went on to praise Biden for years — specifically for his care regarding ending domestic abuse and sexual assault
  • And now, after Joe Biden became the nomination, tell everyone that Joe Biden sexually assaulted

Why did she not say anything during the height of #MeToo? Or when Biden was Vice President? Or when Biden was running for President back in 2008? Or when Biden was the head of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee? Instead, she waited not only until Joe Biden had a decent shot at the Presidency, but also until he got the nomination.

Yes, I mindlessly believed Ford’s claims against Kavanaugh. I made a mistake. I am not going to make the same mistake again just so I’m wrong an equal amount of times regarding both parties. This shouldn’t be hard.



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