New Study Finds What’s Really Harmful About Vaping — Nobody Knows

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Ever since seven people died of vaping — an amount so small no one could draw any conclusions off of it — people have been blaming everything possible. It started with anti-smoking activists blaming it on the fact they’re based on tobacco.

I myself have debunked it a number of times, however, the all mighty libertarian Shane Killian recently debunked it as Lord Killian.

However, then we found out the vast majority of these deaths came from pot pens. Mind you, there is something to be said about how marijuana is smoked differently than cigarettes and all that, but then anti-pot activists made sure to make said conversation as hard as possible.

Take Michael Knowles as an example. Someone so annoying the only way people will buy his books is if they’re blank. Here’s what he had to say:

It seems all of the stories about vape injuries involve pot pens rather than e-cigs. Yet we continue to be told that marijuana is good and should be legalized, while tobacco — even pseudo-tobacco — is evil and must be criminalized. Strange. — 9/12/2019

You know, Knowles may seem a little bias considering his show opens with him smoking a cigar.

However, it seems like Knowles was also wrong — after all, he writes for The Daily Wire. You see, it turns out a study done by the MAYO Clinic found that it was neither pot nor tobacco that caused this — just some other substances that were being put into it illegally. Will Knowles tweet about that? Somehow, I doubt it.

From Reason:

“Black market THC products and counterfeit vape cartridges sold over the internet and by street dealers are very susceptible to contamination,” notes Boston University public health professor Michael Siegel. “Unlike legal THC oils, the black market products are not tested, and therefore might contain pesticides, residual solvents, other noxious chemicals, or synthetic cannabinoids, each of which could potentially cause a direct chemical injury to the lung.”

Michael Siegel, for those who don’t know — meaning you didn’t watch the Shane video by the way, which you should have — runs the blog The Rest Of The Story: Tobacco And Alcohol News Analysis And Commentary. Siegel is on the left and has previously argued for banning smoking in basically all places where it’s anyone but you, but has taken a strong positive stance on vaping.

Here’s hoping the CDC will listen.

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