My Overall Thoughts On Benjamin Netanyahu

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is currently being indicted. After his 10th consecutive year as Prime Minister, Netanyahu has not only nearly lost the position twice, but has also been accused many times of corruption.

I’ve made it no secret I’m not a giant fan of Netanyahu. I feel he — like many on the right in Israel — are in general quite war happy and reckless with national defense. However, trying to figure the best moments of his now ending Prime Minister-ship is near impossible.

Over the past 70 years, the main excuse for what Israel is doing has been that they have historically had the land anyway. Of course, not only is the truth of this not quite as clear-cut as Zionists claim, but that’s also contradicted by what he has been promising to do recently. Remember, it was Netanyahu who not only nearly annexed part of Syria, but was also planning on annexing Jordan if he won the most recent election.

I will note that I wouldn’t exactly call his defense plan “based on impossibility,” more so paranoia than anything else. While Hamas has been firing rockets into Israel since they took control of Gaza, it should be noted the majority of those rockets fail to kill or even injure a single person. Meanwhile, Netanyahu’s drone strikes on both Gaza and Palestine have killed many civilians — one infamous week even saw them taking out ten times the people as Hamas rockets had taken out in ten years. It was common for these rockets to hit hospitals, medical centers, and many other areas that only caused the poor “state,” to be in worse shape.

Netenyahu never really seemed to understand the concept of blow back regarding foreign policy. Many forget Hamas was not even created until 1987 and did not get power in Gaza until 2007. While Netenyahu was not to blame for any of this (he was really only the leader of Likud until 2009 minus a three year long Prime Minister ship in the 1990’s), he certainly never handled it in a way that showed he was interested in compromise.

Allow me to put it like this, I do not believe it was a coincidence Hamas really only got power after the leaving of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon — who was much more willing to talk to the Palestinians than either Ehud Olert or Netenyahu.

Although I should note I’m not sure how different my choices would be if I were in Netenyahu’s situation. He was a man trying to keep his people safe from a hostile enemy — although I feel like he constantly fought in such a way that caused him to make more enemies as a result. Israel is getting condemnations left and right, and has been since he took on the role of the Prime Minister, especially from the United Nations.

With that said, it is impossible to talk about Netenyahu’s foreign policy without talking about his desire for War with Iran. Of course, there was the infamous moment in 2012 where he went in front of the UN and held a cartoon bomb to show what step Iran is at when it comes to getting a bomb.

In February of this year, the official PM of Israel Twitter account called “war with Iran,” “a common interest.” He also openly bragged about being the recent Trump pulled out of the Iran Deal.

What I’m saying is it was no surprise he was best friends in the whole wide world with Condoleezza Rice.

I do not know rather the next Prime Minister will do anything different than what Netenyahu is currently doing — I do however hope that whoever they replace him with puts Israel in an era of peace and not drones.

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