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Jeremy Corbyn. Listen Jeremy, I don’t dislike you or anything. You seem like an honest guy, and I’d rather you be leader of Labour, and even Prime Minister, than Tony “whatever you say George,” Blair.

Right now, the United Kingdom, once led by some of the greatest statesmen in the Western Hemisphere, is ran by a Muppet named Boris Johnson. You’ve had to deal with media bias (“Mao style bicycle,” anyone?), fighting from your own party, and much more.

I even would have voted Labour if I lived in the UK, if only in hopes of keeping Johnson out of office. However, I’m sorry Jeremy, but this election was awful for Labour. So bad in fact, less than a day after it and you have already promised to resign from leadership in Labour for the next election.

The European left, especially in the United Kingdom, has always been more active than the American left. As such, it should have been much easier for someone like Corbyn to win than it would be for someone like Bernie Sanders. You have the endorsements of Micheal Moore and Noam Chomsky,not just two leftists, but two of the biggest leftists out there. However, Corbyn dropped the ball and the Labour Party has less seats after this election than they had at any point since the 1930’s.

For those unaware who Jeremy Corbyn is, it’s a long story. Basically, he’s the farthest left MP in all of the United Kingdom with any major power and has led the Labour Party since 2015.

Here’s a video from left-wing commentator Hbomberguy that talks about the subject:

This is the second election where Corbyn has been in charge of Labour, and the 2nd one where they elected an insane Conservative Prime Minister. At least David Cameron could be considered — okay, I don’t have many nice things to say about him either.

Corbyn is a Democratic Socialist, and the entire strategy of Conservatives has been, since Corbyn became leader, to point at that and use it as a reason not to elect him. To put it simply, I have no doubt that had a less controversial figure been leader of Labour, they would have the Prime Minister seat right now.

Some may disagree with my belief that this is an example of “Unpopular Populist,” since Prime Minister Johnson is trying to declare himself a populist. However, I refuse to believe that Johnson believes anything. He’s a crazy bombastic Muppet who will say whatever he wants in order to get elected. Most people who voted for him supported wanted Brexit, nothing more and nothing less.

The most Labour can hope for is to pick a new pro-Brexit, neo-liberal, and anti-war leader. That would appeal to a large amount of the population, while also getting people over the negative stigma of both Corbyn and Blair.

Until then, a crazy person will in be in charge of the United Kingdom, again. And he also has the power to do basically whatever it is he wants since he has such a large majority.

This is bad.

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Writer On Both History And Politics; Peaceful Globalist; Follow My Twitter: @EphromJosine1

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