Mitch McConnell: Senate Majority Leader Or Russian Or Both Or Neither?

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Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell recently got into controversy when he blocked an election security bill passed by the Democrat controlled House of Representative. This caused many to name him Moscow Mitch, a joke poking fun at the Russian collusion narrative that has been debunked for months.

I should note that this goes against previous statements made by the Senate Republicans McConnell leads. The entire excuse during the Russia investigation was that it was Obama’s fault for letting it happen. This reasonable view is simply an excuse for not wanting to secure our elections, as seen by the fact that the Trump administration doesn’t want to do anything other than, of course, keep pot smokers from voting.

Fair is fair however, and yesterday Obama did say he told cyber-security to back down in regards to Russian hacking of elections. Although, that would also mean that Russia did, in fact, hack our elections. Personally, I think Obama saying this was just an attempt to get Republicans to admit that there was in fact Russian collusion, possibly for some future 2020 ad.

McConnell’s excuse is that this bill is simply too partisan and he would prefer a bi-partisan bill. However, he was quite possibly the biggest cheerleader for Brett Kavanaugh, that wasn’t bi-partisan. He was also a supporter of Trump’s American Healthcare Act back in 2017, that wasn’t anywhere close to bi-partisan.

If I want to cut really deep, I’d even go through policies I disagree with. For instance, after Sandy Hook most Americans, even most NRA members, supported stricter gun control laws. McConnell blocked those. No matter how high Obama’s approval rating was, he blocked everything possible.

For that matter, the only thing that made the bill partisan was Republicans refusing to support it. Aspects of the legislation such as a mandated paper trail were not only bi-partisan, but also supported by McConnell and his Republican buddies. Compare what they said after Bush and Trump to what they said after Al Franken’s controversial 2008 Senate election.

And most importantly, something being partisan doesn’t make it wrong. The Republican opposition to this bill is also very partisan, as seen by the fact most Republicans are against it. Is that wrong?

For a bill to be truly partisan the opposition against it must be equally partisan, by definition. Don’t fall for this excuse politicians keep giving that a bill is partisan, unless it’s his party, they’re simply making an excuse to support something they can’t think of a reason to be against.

Writer On Both History And Politics; Peaceful Globalist; Follow My Twitter: @EphromJosine1

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