McDonald’s: Capitalism At Its Best

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Ever since the release of Super Size Me in 2004, many Americans have turned against the fast-food chain McDonald’s. Coming from someone who eats there regularly, I have found this hatred to be nonsense. I even recently changed my twitter avatar to a McDonald’s sign much to the disgust of culture warriors.

Yes, fast food is not good for you. However, Spurlock’s film has been proven to be a highly exaggerated mess that I struggle to call propaganda. If only for the simple fact he ate nothing but McDonald’s for a month straight. Or as Rationalwiki put it:

Super Size Me is a documentary describing how a sudden change from a healthy, vegetable-based diet to a diet of unadulterated fast food will destroy your health. Its conclusions are about as reliable as that description might make them sound. Or, to put it another way, No Shit Spurlock.

Oh and the fact that he was caught exaggerating and doing the worst possible scenario to make his point. Hence why when others tried it they got better results. While also flawed and made by a nut, Fat Heads is a decently entertaining film debunking Spurlock’s nonsense.

Of course, the biggest problem was Spurlock did not have the diet of an average American. He had the diet of a vegan that was much healthier than most. As such, this makes gaining weight much easier (especially if you were previous overweight) then it would if you had a moderately healthy diet or even an unhealthy one. Basically, just try not to gain any more weight unless you have too. That’s the best way to avoid becoming obese.

Why am I explaining why a fifteen year old fad film is wrong? Because people still believe that the place that made food heather instead of suing Spurlock for slander was made by the Devil.

Do you want to know how to live healthy and still eat fast food, also eat anything else. Amazing, I know. But medical evidence says the only way fast food can cause large term damage to you quickly is if you eat nothing else ever.

Now don’t get me wrong, — while this is not as big of a problem as it use to be — there are parents who give their kids nothing but fast food. This both teaches kids gluttony, which is one of the seven deadly sins, but it also causes kids eating on the Maduro diet envy, which is another sin. Thanks a lot American parents!

However, are they all uncaring? From personal experience, I can say no as I knew many parents who had to give there kids fast foods during economic downturns or hard times because it was either that or the soup kitchen. I’ll let the reader choice which one is better.

Some say this is proof they are evil, I’m not kidding. Some say the fact they make food cheap and affordable makes them evil. Let me repeat that: Some say the fact they make food cheap and affordable makes them evil.

Can I just talk about how great obesity is? No, I’m not saying people should become obese if they can avoid it, in fact, if you go up to obese people and say “from an economic standpoint it’s great you exist,” you’re really weird, but the fact we even have obese people is great. Humans have only been starving for centuries since hunter gatherer times, these days we not only don’t have to worry about starvation but we have to worry about the opposite. Talk to someone from the Middle Ages or even the Industrial Revolution about how one day there would not only be people who ate too much, but a large amount of them, and they would have said that sounds like a utopia.

The health-woos (not to be confused with “health nuts.”) go after what I consume quite a bit. As many who follow my Twitter and everyone who knows me in real life knows, I’m a huge fan of the soft-drink Diet Coke. Yep, I love that more than regular soda. For years I heard this black fizzy drink may not cause me to gain weight but will cause a heart attack. Turns out, this has only been proven to happen with people who already have heart problems. The only time Diet Coke has been proven to cause heart problems is if its consumed as a fetus. Which, for the record, I’m not.

Coke has been one of the most controversial companies in things you put in your mouth, sometimes it feels like not even Philip Morris gets that much hate. One example is when a study found a link between people who drink a large amount of Coke and bone density. The media told us this meant coke caused bone density when the real problem was people not drinking other things that helped counter bone density such as calcium. Coke, at worst, was proven to be neutral.

Yet, many cities have put “sin taxes” on soda and banned many larger sizes because you’re stupid and don’t know what’s bad for you. Yes, before someone says it, these places want you to consume mindlessly. However, so does any place that sells food. The only difference is they want you to mindlessly consume vegan alternatives or food you’ve grown yourself instead of food people actually like.

It can not be stressed enough, while corporations don’t care about you, neither do government agencies, health organizations, people who make nonsense studies, or twitter uses who complain about culture. Now ask me, which one has done more for you?

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