McConnell’s War On Tobacco

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Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has been declaring an all-out war on smoking. Just this weekend, he bragged about introducing legislation that would make the legal smoking age 21. It doesn’t matter teen smoking rates, overall smoking rates, overall tobacco rates, and every other metric involving smoking gone down greatly since the ’50s, Mitch just wants more power.

This goes along with the FDA’s war on vaping, despite the fact vaping is less additive and 95% safer. You can even find many stories of people who stopped smoking because they switched from cigarettes to vaping. But that doesn’t matter to the mind of the authoritarian and make no mistake, that is what McConnell is.

McConnell’s — as well as anyone who supports this policy — excuse is that too many teenagers are smoking. Again, we’ll just ignore how smoking rates among teens have gone down compared to what they were even just a few decades ago. However, the smoking age is 18 right now. So instead of 15 years old smoking while the legal age is 18, they’ll wait until they’re 18 because the smoking age is 21.

Also, one can not forget the hypocrisy everyone loves to make fun. You can still sign up for the military, gamble, have sex with anyone you want, enter into any contract you want, and go into as much debt as you want at the age of 18. However, putting substances into your own body crosses the line for the Senate Majority Leader.

Why is he doing this? Simple: This is a war on vaping. Vaping is much more popular among the previous highest cigarette market, young people. While it is true the nicotine companies still profit, many of the makers of the hundreds of chemicals in cigarettes aren’t.

Here’s something interesting: Did you know there is cat urine in cigarettes? Who are they going to sell it to once cigarettes collapse? At least the rat poison makers (yes, that’s also in cigarettes) have a product with more uses.

This is not about the safety of the children, this is simply about bailing out a failing industry through monopolization.

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