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Well, it seems like Senator Marco Rubio is the latest person to jump on the populist bandwagon of Donald Trump/Josh Hawley/Tucker Carlson. And what is one of the requirements for being a populist these days? You have to hate the country most responsible for Americans having such a high standard of living — China.

Recently, the Senator tweeted this:

After leaked #XinjiangPapers exposed Chairman Xi’s oppressive campaign against #Uyghurs & other Muslim minorities,in a few minutes the House will be voting to pass an amended version of my bill that holds those involved in crimes in #Xinjiang accountable.

I must say that I had no idea, when I watched Rubio flacking for the soon to be former Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu over his actions in Palestine and Gaza (even tried to make protesting the actions illegal) and shouting for Ghramm and McCain’s failed attempt to convince Obama to invade Iran and positively sobbing with ecstasy when talking about the foreign actions of Bush and Cheney during a Republican primary debate that he had been such a closet humanitarian all along. It would certainly have been impressive if he’d said so at the time.

I know, some will say I’m missing the point, but to put it simply, Rubio’s hypocrisy should be the point. During the 2016 election, he was the 2nd biggest neo-conservative in the race outside of Senator Lindsey Ghramm — and the biggest neo-conservative who had any shot at getting the nomination. The policies he was promising has led to the displacement, death, and radicalization of millions of Muslims across the Middle East, and put other “Muslim minorities,” in Jeopardy as radicalized “democratic,” governments were installed and foreign policy led to blow back, creating more terrorist groups and killing more and more Muslims.

Let’s also talk about just how odd the timing is — now one thing Rubio has been consistent on is his belief that Hong Kong should be an independent state. However, I find it odd his heart randomly starts bleeding for a minority group (by the way, do you think he’d let any of the Uyghurs seek asylum in the US?) at the same time many Americans are rightly standing for Hong Kong.

It’s not as if this information has been unknown. Mr. Enter was talking about the oppression of the Uyghurs two months before Rubio got on board — oh, and it was old news when he started talking about it. But I guess it just suddenly became important the second Rubio could jam through an anti-China bill without much debate.

Let’s talk about what Rubio thinks about a similar crime happening against a Muslim minority — the treatment of the West Banks and Gaza by Israel. For instance, in March 2017 Rubio tried introducing a bill that would make boycotting Israel punishable with up to 20 years in prison! Which, by the way, is a blanket violation of the first amendment!

As my readers know, I was with the Hong Kong protesters — I was also writing consistently about not only why China wants it but also that it proved that the foreign policy of people like Marco Rubio and his neo-con buddies is not needed to ensure human rights around the world.

I myself am worried about the threat of imperialism of any country and support human rights worldwide, which is why my main inspiration for becoming political was the failure of the Bush/Cheney era RNC that Rubio was a member of — which knowing involved imperialism abroad and subversion of the Constitution at home. Subversion that Rubio is still supporting considering not only did he vote for the re-authorization of the PATRIOT Act this year, but also went after the very minor revisions and reforms of the USA FREEDOM Act back in 2015.

To make it clear what the true goals of these people are, I figured it’s only best to end this article with a statement by Populist Republican Senator Josh Hawley back in late May:

Have to say I don’t understand this. Why is Pentagon recommending sending thousands more troops to region where we already have too many, while the biggest threat to American security is Chinese imperialism?

That sounds an awful lot like Hawley wants to invade China.

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