Lolicon Is Child Pornography

Ephrom Josine
7 min readJan 28, 2022

This post began life on 1/25/2022, when my friend Neko Koda — a male-to-female transgender slideshow commentator — posted a video titled “Studio NEETing More Is A Danger To Minors.” Believe it or not, the actual topic of the video is not what caught my attention, that honor goes to a screenshot Neko showed for a couple of seconds, where a woman going by the name CarmenRider says the following:

Mushroom Girl, if I were an actual pedophile you would be a human fleshlight by now. But I’m not, I don’t fuck real kids. I’m not attracted to real kids. And I never will be attracted to real kids.

Curious to find out what causes someone to say that combination of thirty-nine words, I decided to do some research on CarmenRider. It turns out Carmen is also a male-to-female transgender slideshow commentator, and she has gotten into controversy among the slideshow commentary community for (among many other reasons) her defense of lolicon.

For those unaware, lolicon is a form of drawn pornography where the characters — specifically female ones (when the characters are depicted as male, that is known as shotacon) — are all depicted are pre-pubescent. Some also lump in attraction to pubescent women with underdeveloped features (small breasts, for example), but that definition is not nearly as universal. Either way, for it to count as lolicon, it has to be pornographic and depict females who are not adults.

Carmen does discuss the above quote in one of her videos, saying that it was her (poorly) trying to make the point that pedophiles molest children regardless of the law. I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt for now — I do not believe CarmenRider to be a pedophile nor have I seen any evidence that she is — but I still want to discuss her arguments in favor of lolicon.

On 11/16/2021, CarmenRider published a video called “The Ridiculous Nature of Anti-Lolis,” where she commentates on a video by a woman named Liam McEvoy attacking lolicon. (Also, this video seems to be a co-op with another original character of hers named Virgo, best as I can tell they’re basically supposed to agree with each other on this topic so I’ll be treating their arguments interchangeably.)

The video is filled with terrible arguments, for example, when Liam says that “the most incriminating…

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