LOL: Twitter Destroys Josh Hawley

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Seems like Josh Hawley is learning the hard way Americans don’t like big government.

On 7/31/2019, Hawley posted this to Twitter:

Social media “innovation”? What innovation? Big Tech doesn’t deliver for the American people, and that’s the biggest problem of all

Posting this on Twitter more than likely wasn’t the best move. They had a field day with his by simply pointing out the obvious hypocrisy of the situation:

Then you should… DELETE YOUR ACCOUNT.

Missouri voters didn’t send you to DC to fuck with social media.

*whispers: “you are on social media right now.”

Well, I just watched this video that you posted on a SOCIAL MEDIA platform… on my PHONE … while taking a dump 3000 miles away. I agree we need to keep an eye on big tech, but what the fuck do you mean by “what innovation?”

This party is just for angry rural baby boomers now. “That there innernets is out to get me!”

What does social media “deliver”? Just let people talk to people. Exchange messages FREELY over an OPEN medium. Leave everything else to individual responsibility. The ONLY problem is that tech cos. deny freedom and operate opaquely. You can’t micro-manage for our “benefit”.

he really doesn’t care for thosecapitalism” or “first amendment” things

Don’t mess with my Twitter time because you have a beef with social media. It allows me to express my opinion on issues that I agree or disagree on, and tell an elected official they are doing a good job or not. It also lets me tell them to work on something important.

He says as he tweets… on twitter….

How about you let us live our lives?

nor do youbig problem

You’ll never see the words Hawley and innovation in the same sentence unless they’re quoting him. While Rome burns, Hawley fiddles.

Are you seriously claiming that Big Tech doesn’t deliver anythingon social media?

Yeah, the Internet really blows!! Wait, what?? Are you for real?

It’s not government’s job to decide. It’s the role of the consumers.

Your attacks on “Big Tech” are a farce. Republicans just want to control free speech via technology.

Thank you, Senator Hawley, for doing what has to be done. I have worked in the tech field all my life and have never seen such self-congratulatory arrogance and total disregard for the rights and opinions of others that we see today.

Bloomberg taxing/banning soda made him a laughing stock. Your similar position on social media does the same to you.

Keep bragging about the economy. Big tech is doing the heavy lifting there. I’m not saying they’re doing everything right, but think a little harder before attacking one of the major things keeping us afloat.

Josh is right. He wastes his time with Social media while ignoring the needs of Missouri’s farmers.

Who is this snowflake and what, besides his ‘opinion’, has he ever contributed to society?

Mind your own business asswipe. What I do on my time is none of your business.

What an abject idiot you are. The moon race had billions of federal tax dollars pumped into companies, none of which were called tech back then. At the end your rant, it sounds like you think the feds should control what is created, a scary thought for a so called conservative.

And these are just a small sampling of the best replies of Hawley’s latest form of nonsense.

I know someone is going to respond with that Matt Bores comic, you know, this one:

However, as I keep pointing out, Josh Hawley does not just want to “improve society somewhat.” He wants to destroy these companies.

“If we broke Facebook up into 50 Facebooks who all pursued the same business model, would our lives, our economy, our society be measurably improved?” he continued. “I don’t know that they would.”

If he says that, he should not be on any of these websites.

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