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i sure hope one particular thing happens — @shaun_vids

Well, a source close to Joe Biden said recently that he’s pulling all of negative ads while Trump has COVID-19. Of course, if he means that he’s going to shift his campaign more to policy based ads, that’s fine, but the idea of him going soft is horrible.

Remember, in 2004 Democrats tried that strategy — as Al Fraken pointed out, if you watched the 2004 Democratic National Convention, you’d think everything was fine and Democrats just thought they could make it even more fine. How did this work? Well, John Kerry went on to have a post convention bounce of only 3% and, although narrowly and only with the aid of fraudulent electoral votes, George W. Bush managed to get a second term as President. John Kerry looked weak, and not even weak in the way John Kerry normally looks, because he refused, despite the left telling us George W. Bush was evil (which he was), to actually attack him.

This is especially odd because this is easily the best example of Trump’s COVID response not working. Kellyanne Conway, Chris Christy, Thom Tills, and over ten of Trump’s staffers from the first debate have also gotten COVID, the same place where the entire Trump family was sitting without masks on — and this only started because another one of his aids, Hope Hicks, also got COVID. Over the course of October 2020, many countries have had less COVID infections than their have been among Republican politicians — and Biden is really considering just throwing that idea to the curve in the name of being nice? If he does that, his campaign might as well just throw in the towel.

Biden is seriously considering not attacking a historically heavily unpopular President, a President the left has compared to Hitler himself, because his COVID response was so bad he caught it! If anything, this should be the number one thing you’re attacking him for, and you should be bringing it up nonstop as evidence you’re more equipped to deal with the crisis. If Barack Obama had gotten Ebola, do you really think Republicans — the same people who spent years saying he wasn’t even born in the United States — would just let him not be attacked over it. We know they wouldn’t, considering how they turned Hillary Clinton having a slight illness or two (none of those illnesses, by the way, were a pandemic at the time) as evidence she was unfit to be President back in 2016, and they have been doing the same thing against Joe Biden, arguing he has dementia and over mental illnesses.

The move from by liberals especially from calling Trump literally Hitler to wishing him to get well is also kind of jarring. MSNBC host Rachel Maddow, easily one of the biggest critics of Trump, tweeted this in response to hearing about his condition:

God bless the president and the first lady. If you pray, please pray for their speedy and complete recovery — and for everyone infected, everywhere. This virus is horrific and merciless — no one would wish its wrath on anyone. We must get its spread under control. Enough.

It says something that one of the top replies is Young Turks commentator Hasan Piker, nephew of Cenk Uygur, saying:

save your wishes for the cashier’s grandfather who dies alone in the icu, not the fucking president who lied to the public and created 200k more stories like the one above.

The entire left is tearing Maddow apart for this statement — and who can blame them? This is the man they were told is an evil man who killed 200,000 people (and those accusations, by the way, are far from undeserved), so why should they have sympathy for them? Of course, it’s because Maddow is a typical liberal (she even brags about how she’s basically in line economically with Dwight Eisenhower) while many of the people going after her are full on leftists. Leftists are much more likely to hold grudges and vendettas against politicians who have wronged them. Liberals, on the other hand, have a bad habit of turning their former worse enemies into their best friends once a new bad guy came along.

They did this with George W. Bush as well, now, while George W. Bush was bad, at least he cared about this or that and as such he’s great compared to Trump. This is after they said George W. Bush cheated two elections, lied us into two wars, and crashed the American economy. Same thing they did with George Bush Sr., Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon, and Dwight Eisenhower. Elizabeth Warren still loves playing the game of saying her favorite President was Theodore Roosevelt, a eugenicist and imperialist who even progressives like Jim Hightower call “a softie.” It’s the same as the antiwar movement taking the man who strictly enforced the Truman Doctrine and treating him as a hero for coining the phrase “military industrial complex.”

Liberals have a bad habit of trying to rehabilitate people who they previously called monsters. Harry Reid, the former Senate Majority Leader who only got that position because of backlash to George W. Bush and called the Bush years a time we’ll be ashamed of, still made sure to say George W. Bush is better than Trump when he was asked about it. As did Nancy Pelosi, who once fondly remembered George W. Bush even in spite of getting him and Donald Trump confused. Personally, and call me old fashion if you’d like, but I think George W. Bush and Donald Trump are just two different ways of bowing to the same master — the Republican Party.

And by the way, Republicans never do this. Tell me, what Republican said “Well compared to Barack Obama, Bill Clinton isn’t all that bad”? No, these people continued to push debunked claims that he’s a rapist, and that Carter was a communist assist, and that FDR was a secret communist — and so on and so on. Throughout the Obama era, many Republican commentators got popular just by pointing out that 150 years ago, the Democratic Party was supportive of slavery. These people love holding grudges, yet Democrats commonly refuse to do the same.

To quote InternetHippo:

Feels like republicans are trying to win the game and dems are playing referee instead of playing on the other side

Ironically, this is a time where Americans are begging for meanness — that’s what the popularity of Justice Democrats, the dirtbag left, and Donald Trump’s own 2016 campaign have shown us. They want a gutsy truth teller who is not afraid of what is and isn’t in good taste — until the stuff in bad taste offends them of course, then they become civility jihadists ready to burn heretics at the stake.

If Joe Biden wants to go the root of Hillary Clinton and John Kerry, then he may be my guest. However, it is worth questioning rather or not he truly believes the man he is fighting against is the second coming of Nazi Germany.

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