Let’s Not Make Things Up About Our Enemies

Ephrom Josine
4 min readNov 12, 2022

Yesterday, I was scrolling through Twitter when I found a user named @MOMMYBlGDICK had tweeted what she said was a screenshot of a tweet from the right-wing blogger Matt Walsh, which read the following:

I knew I was destined to dedicate the rest of my life to fighting gender ideology when I saw a video of a small teenage boy wearing a dress and found myself undeniably attracted to him. This is the desired effect. Trans people are trying to turn us into pedophiles.

It should go without saying that this is not something Matt Walsh would ever tweet. I don’t like Matt Walsh — as should be made obvious by the fact that I disagree with literally everything he stands for — and even I know he wouldn’t tweet something like this. Matt Walsh is not a pedophile, and I find it disgusting that somebody would photoshop a tweet claiming such a thing for no other reason than to mock him, especially given people like him are currently trying to weaponize false pedophilia accusations against LGBT people. To put it another way: Matt Walsh set a fire and this person threw gasoline on it in hopes of it maybe burning down Matt’s house at some point.

This isn’t even the first time this has happened to Matt this year. Back in February, the subreddit r/TolietPaperUSA faked a screenshot of Matt Walsh tweeting the following:

Is it conservatives who want to murder the unborn? Or who want to force a percerted gender ideology on children? No. We all have sexual and/or violent urges towards children, but the left doesn’t seem to think you should even repress those feelings.

Even the regular readers of the subreddit weren’t sure if this was true or not, and the notion that people believed this was real and treated it as an argument against Matt Walsh is honestly sickening. Especially given, well, this is Matt Walsh — who is not exactly somebody that you have to make things up about in order to mock. As I told somebody when they wondered why it was that I was so angry at this:

Because the real shit he said is already dumb enough. This is the guy who once said Christians should stop doing Yoga.

This was in reference to his fairly infamous 2/1/2018 article for The Daily Wire “Yoga Is A Pagan Ritual. Maybe Christians Should Find A



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