Let’s Look At Who The DNC Said Was Allowed Instead Of Tulsi Gabbard

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You’ve more than likely heard that Tulsi Gabbard has not been accepted to the DNC debate. As such, I figured it’s only fair to have to see what candidates are considered to be “electable” by the DNC:

  • Senator no one had heard of until she ran for President Amy Klobuchar
  • Gay mayor Pete Buttigeig, no President has ever been a mayor since Calvin Coolidge. No President has ever gone from Mayor to President of the United States.
  • Bernie Sanders, who just lost a Presidential Primary back in 2016.
  • Joe Biden, who couldn’t even win a single Primary election when he ran for President in 1988 or 2008.
  • Beto O’Rourke, who just lost a Senate election.
  • Julian Castro (the “trans women need abortions,” guy) who has is polling lower than Gabbard in most cases.
  • Andrew Yang, the socialist nut who believes in UBI and has never won a single election.

Basically any argument against Tulsi Gabbard being in the debates fall apart upon simple examination.

“She went on Tucker Carlson.”

Barack Obama went on The O’Reilly Factor back when he was running for President in 2008, as did Hillary Clinton. And Andrew Yang went on The Ben Shapiro Show earlier this year.

“She meets with Dictators”

Bernie Sanders praised (and even met with) various Soviet dictators back in the 1980s (although those were to spite Ronald Reagan so I guess they were fine). Even as recently as 2013 he was seen praising the dictatorship of Venezuela.

“She was homophobic.”

As was Joe Biden back when he voted for the Defense of Marriage Act signed into law by Bill Clinton. I don’t hold that against Biden (in fact, an article going after some of the worst attacks on him will be coming out soon)because everyone was homophobic back in 1996. Just as everyone — including Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Joe Biden — were homophobic in 2002.

Here’s a question: Have you ever noticed the only polls the DNC counts are the ones where Gabbard is polling as bad as needed? Obviously, everyone knows that polls that put Biden ahead to be bias due to over sampling of older voters, I would also like to know the Internet usage of polls where Gabbard is doing bad.

I would also like to know the rate of polls being thrown out the window. In the vast majority of polls, Gabbard is neck and neck or doing slightly better than Andrew Yang. So why is Yang in the debate but not Tulsi Gabbard? And the same is true of Castro and Booker.

Tulsi Gabbard sunk Kamala Harris’s Presidential Campaign, just look at her polling numbers before and after the first debate. That alone should make her worth while as a Presidential Candidate, but just keep trying. It won’t happen immediately, but as Harris learned, don’t mess with Gabbard.

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