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Biden could have endorsed the rioters & declared he will make arson legal once elected and it would have had exactly 0 effect on how Republican media characterizes him — @VaushV, 8/31/2020

Well, Trump has officially defended double murderer Kyle Rittenhouse. At a press conference last night, Trump informed us that everyone at the Wisconsin riot was a violent anarchist — except the one who happens to support him.

From NPR:

“He was trying to get away from them, I guess, it looks like,” Trump said, noting the incident was under investigation. “I guess he was in very big trouble. He probably would have been killed.”

For the record, the autopsy of one of the people killed by Kyle Rittenhouse found that he was shot in the back. This means it’s extremely likely Rittenhouse’s victim was running away, which also makes what Rittenhouse did no longer self defense.

However, there’s something else about this story that almost nobody is pointing out. Kyle Rittenhouse was a vigilante, even his greatest defenders admit that. You might have seen a The Times tweet, which they later deleted after it was mocked heavily, which read the following:

A bullied teenager who revered the police and found purpose as a vigilante will appear in court today charged with murder after two people were killed during a night of unrest in Wisconsin.

However, I thought this was the President of Law and Order — you guys remember that phrase? And I must ask, is there anything that’s less Law and Order than vigilante justice? All Rittenhouse was doing was engaging in, what the President himself has called, warfare. In order to buy the argument that you can have Law and Order along with Kyle Rittenhouse, you have to believe that shooting two people during a riot he intentionally attended was both lawful and ordered.

For that matter, what has the President had to say about Joe Biden’s attempts at law and order? Say everything you will about Joe Biden’s tough on crime attitude, however, he has the exact attitude that Donald Trump pretends to have — and Trump has attacked him on it.

For example, while the President has been arguing for law and order one of his choices was to pardon a drug dealer and bring her to the Republican National Convention. Her name is Alice Johnson, and she was convicted in 1996 for eight different accounts of drug tracking. What has the President done in response? In June 2018, Trump communed her sentence before offering her a full pardon in August 2020.

It was not as if Johnson was a non-violent drug offender, she was a trafficker who was put in prison for dealing, not for doing. Yet, the President of law and order not only decided to pardon her, but also to give her a full speaking part at his own convention.

This has been the pattern of the President for his entire term. The entire point of the FIRST STEP Act, something which was criticized by many law and order conservatives, was to implement criminal justice reform — which the President has been bragging about ever since it was first passed. Yet, the rhetoric President Trump seems to be working on is the same rhetoric that led to legislation like Biden’s 1994 Crime Bill in the first place.

President Trump is tough on crime in name only, he constantly brags about how tough on crime he is but has almost never done anything which would lead someone to believe that. Going back to the Republican National Convention, Vice President Pence infamously warned that under a Biden administration riots would continue as they are under Donald Trump — which is an argument for Donald Trump, somehow.

About a week ago, #Bidenriots was trending on Twitter in response to the various Black Lives Matter and Antifa riots across the nation. However, Biden has not been in power since 1/20/2017, when Donald Trump was inaugurated and gained full control over the Executive Branch. Yet, the President has constantly blamed Biden for actions that have happened under his watch (which became a meme when Obama did the same thing regarding Bush, might I add) because he simply cannot defend his own actions.

Here’s the main point I wish any Trump supporter take away from this: If Trump’s America is so good, why is his only defense for his administration that it’s actually Biden’s fault?

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