Kyle Kulinski Asks His Audience To Use Tweet Mashup, The Results Are Amazing

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This April Fools Day, political commentator, Microphone enthusiast, and big seltzer sellout — who I may or may not consider an inspiration — Kyle Kulinski, host of the Secular Talk YouTube Channel , chose to make his audience laugh like fools.

Last night, he asked his audience to do the following:

Somebody do that tweet mashup thing with me and dril please. Then me and Trump.

His audience did more than that. Mashing him up with Ben Shapiro, Charlie Kirk, and many more. The following are a few of my favorites.

Herbal Essences is the only way to really understand Robert Mueller

Can’t wait for the Schultz campaign to tweet this unironically.

What is Beto hiding?

What is Muller hiding?

Strikes me as Kyle.

Been saying this for years.

I like how similar this sounds to a real Trump quote. Seriously, I could actually imagine him saying this.

Good to see Muller spending his time investigating the real issues.

You know this is fake because even Trump can not be this wrong.

Should they though?

Don’t give Trump ideas!

Who could disagree?

So that’s what Beto is hiding? Or does Cory Booker just hate furries?

Senator Lee: “These posters will stop the Obama administration two years after he left office.”

At least he’s honest.

We’ve all been there.

And he still gets the nomination.

This has been fun, we will return to serious articles tomorrow. Happy April Fools Day.

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