Kurd Defenders Are The Modern Henry Wallace

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In the 1948 Presidential Election a party known as The Progressive Party — not to be confused with Teddy Roosevelt’s party of the same name — ran a rather famous man among the left. That being former Vice President and Sectary of Agriculture Henry Wallace.

Wallace was easily the farthest left the mainstream Democratic Party ever allowed in (keeping in mind they fought Hewy Long tooth and nail). Before the Wallace Vice Presidency, President Franklin D. Roosevelt had his 2nd in command be the approved moderate John Nance Garner — who was also Speaker Of The House when he was first picked as FDR’s running mate. The DNC only allowed Roosevelt to drop Garner when he ran for a 3rd term because Roosevelt had threatened to leave the DNC if wasn’t allowed to replace his VP.

Wallace’s Presidential Campaign was often mocked by the media and hated by the candidates. When Margaret Truman wrote a biography on her father in 1973, her hatred of Wallace shined through the pages clearer than anything else in that entire book.

Rather it was never disavowing his endorsement by the American Communist Party to openly supporting federal desegregation, Wallace ran a campaign the exact opposite of how you were suppose to in 1948. Is it any wonder the racist in chief Strom Thurmond had a more successful third party run as a Dixiecrat than Wallace did?

However, Wallace’s most controversial policy was his campaign promise to end the Cold War. At this point, President Truman had already announced his famous Doctrine regarding stopping the spread of communism. Purges across intelligence agencies of everyone who associated with communists were also well on there way — yeah, to debunk another myth real quick, those didn’t start with McCarthy.

In a similar manner, the Kurds in Northern Syria are quite far left in nature. Many of them being ANTIFA, Anarchist Communists, and Libertarian Socialists in there political views. As such, by supporting them, you are supporting a group of communists.

Many of the arguments made by supporters of the Kurds could also be made, quite easily in fact, by Wallace and his supporters.

Take the argument of breaking promises. According to the modern day Wallace supporters, we must back the Kurds because they helped us defeat ISIS. However, Joseph Stalin helped the United States defeat the NAZIs during World War 2. Does that mean we should have became permanent allies with the USSR?

Mind you, this does not mean you can’t support the Kurds. After all, maybe you would have been a Wallace supporter back in 1948. However, putting these events into proper context and looking at previous historical example are quite important.

If you have an issue with being compared to one of the most infamous men in US politics, don’t act like him.

Writer On Both History And Politics; Peaceful Globalist; Follow My Twitter: @EphromJosine1

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