Kim Jong Un Says He Is Warning The US and South Korea

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The majority of pacifists either belong to obscure religious sects or are simply humanitarians who object to talking life and prefer not to follow their thoughts beyond that point. Bet there is a minority of intellectual pacifists, who real though unacknowledged motive appears to be hatred if western democracy and admiration of totalitarianism. Pacifist propaganda usually boils down to saying that one side is as bad as the other, but if one looks closely at the writing of the younger intellectual pacifists, one finds that they do not by any means express impartial disapproval but are directed almost entirely against Britain and the United States.

-George Orwell

The winner of the “this aged badly” award goes to everyone who declared that Donald Trump has ended the Korean War. This includes South Korean President Moon Jae-in who said Donald Trump is worthy of a Nobel Peace Prize. Looking back, that would be the worst idea since Barack Obama won a Nobel Peace Prize.

For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, Kim Jong Un is back at doing missal test. But don’t worry, he has a reason:

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on Wednesday reportedly called his country’s latest missile test a “warning” to the U.S. and South Korea over the countries’ joint military exercises.

Warning us of what? I thought the Trump/Whatever Fox host he likes this week administration was the best friend of the North Korean dictator. I guess they must have something to worry about considering they feel the need to warn us.

I should note that I never once believed Un would give up his weapons. Nor should he have. When Muammar Gaddafi gave up his weapons he was overthrown in a United States back coup. The only reason Iran promised to give up there WMD’s was because they didn’t have any in the first place.

However, I at least hoped that Trump could get him to stop showing off so much. Trump has lowered the amount of troops at the South Korean boarder, Un responds by testing his weapons.

Is he planning something? More than likely not. However, while paranoia is by definition irrational simple fear is not. Trusting a king like Kim Jong Un with weapons is naive at best.

A Tale Of Two Presidents

While I hate to bang on the Obama drum that every Trump critic has banged non-stop, I must note it’s interesting the worst thing that happened with North Korea during his administration was six years in. What did they do? They hacked Sony — a private company with no government information — for making a film showing the assassination of Kim Jong Un.

Oh, and the film came out anyway.

While I stand by the foreign policy of the Obama-Biden-Gates-Clinton being mediocre at best and a 2nd George W. Bush at worst, they still acted in manner I could at least describe. Very few boots on the ground, drones whenever possible, diplomacy with our allies when possible.

Not only that, but his administration got better when over time. When he replaced Robert Gates (no idea why he kept Gates, although at least he got rid of Condoleezza Rice) we got the withdrawal from Iraq. When Hillary Clinton was replaced with John Kerry we got the Iran Deal and Obama visiting Palestine.

Obama’s main strategy with North Korea was to ignore them whenever possible. That’s the best possible answer. They don’t have the weapons to be a threat nor are they reasonable enough to reason with.

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