In just six months she has organized a massive program of investigations that will produce a Blue Tsunami in 2020.

Just like there was suppose to be a Tsunami in 2018.

You have no way of knowing the elections result before the elections. Yes, the party with the Presidency tends to lose seats in the House and Senate, everyone knows that. However, that happens regardless of if Pelosi investigates anything.

Does the first-year intern contradict the surgeon on his work? Does the beginning dentist tell the old pro how to repair teeth? Does the recent graduate from law school lecture the senior partner on the law? Does the raw first officer countermand the captain’s orders?

If they can prove the person they’re working for is wrong, sure. Unless you’re telling me that if you worked for Andrew Wakefield you’d mindlessly regenerate everything he says.

Absolutely! And as a member of Congress, she gets one vote — nothing more. She has a responsibility to provide her advice to the senior members of the party. Publicly attacking them is divisive and stupid. It’s been a basic principle of human societies for at least 100,000 years that the junior people should defer to the senior people.

So if Pelosi tells Cortez to jump off a bridge?

You criticize me for this statement:

“No, some Democrats differ with you.”

Very well, please justify your claim that no Democrats differ with you.

I criticized that statement because it wasn’t a point. I said in the article I don’t agree with Cortez often.

But, if you must, here’s a video explaining it:

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