Josh Hammer Very Angry At Labor Day

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Yes, I know this is a different Josh Hammer — I just couldn’t find one I hadn’t already used of him

Josh Hammer is not happy today, after all, it’s labor day. So, in between writing articles about how libertarians need to stop focusing on silly things like liberty, Hammer spent today bitching about how a holiday meant to celebrate workers.

I’m reminded of that time Glenn Beck called John D. Rockefeller a communist, it was just as nonsense. Although Hammer’s history could best be described as “okay,” there are a number of things he said that are just hilariously wrong if you stop and think about them.

Take this line:

Simply put, Labor Day is indeed an anti-capitalism, anti-economic growth federal “holiday” born out of the ashes of the late 19th century’s societally ruinous labor movement. It is a manifestly stupid socialist “holiday” and conservatives are wholly justified to make fun of it.

First off, tell us how you really feel.

Second off, calling anything “anti-economic growth,” sounds like something you’d mock libertarians for saying — oh, and saying we never actually say.

Third off, a holiday is simply defined as “a day of festivity or recreation when no work is done.” How anything can be a fake holiday, I have no idea. But maybe I’m being unfair to Hammer, it’s as if his idea isn’t serious of something, but I’ll let him continue.

Grover Cleveland’s initial 1887 decision to campaign on a September-based Labor Day, as well as his ultimate 1894 presidential decision to sign the holiday into law, were both based on a conscientious awareness that allowing the holiday to be celebrated in May — in accordance with the venerable European tradition known as May Day — risked the perception of positively commemorating the violent, radical leftist anarchy of the Haymarket massacre.

Grover Cleveland was secretly a communist I guess. Weird considering he was the last president to fight against big government protectionism and inflation against the Republican Party.

In fact, he said this in 1888:

Communism is a hateful thing and a menace to peace and organized government.

I guess Hammer just forgot about that.

Although, if Josh Hammer truly wants to go down this route, I’d recommend you look up something called neo-conservatism. I’m sure you’ll find it very interesting.

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