Jeff Epstein Will Not Bring Anyone Else Down With Him

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What’s harder:

a) Not feeling joy when known pedophile Jeff Epstein was arrested by authorities.

b) Trying to find a report on Epstein that does not mention Bill Clinton.

c) Trying to find a report of Epstein that does not mention Donald Trump.

This is not some kind of test question, I truly have no idea.

Although I did feel joy when I saw Epstein (someone who many of us had called out as a pedophile for years) was arrested for being what he is, a pedophile. Epstein is an evil man, everyone knows that.

However, many believe he will bring D.C., Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, or Hollywood down with him. Didn’t something with the same goal happen not long ago? I believe it was called #MeToo.

While some good busts came out of Harvey Weinstein being exposed (who is still not in a jail cell), the best of which happened when it prevented Roy Moore from becoming a Senator, it still doesn’t change the fact that this song and dance happens all the time. Hillary was suppose to lead the way back in the 90s, that never happened.

Even ignoring some of the more shaky examples, such as Juanita Broaddrick’s accusation against President Bill Clinton (not to be confused with Paula Jones, who was simply proven false) or anything involving Cathy O’Brien, stories of elite men raping women go back as far as time itself. In Scotland during the time of the British Empire, it was common for British Lords to rape women who were about to get married. They say rape is about power, and the high hold of Catholicism over Scotland (which mandates abstinence of sex until marriage) made this especially attractive to the high men of the time.

Off the top of my head, what do Harvey Weinstein, Bill Clinton, Brett Kavanaugh, Clarence Thomas, Jimmy Savile, Bill Cosby, and Roy Moore have in common? All of these men were going to the last famous person to commit sexual assault, and all of this happened before yesterday.

What’s happening? The ruling class wants you to believe it can destroy itself. Alan Dershowitz, a lawyer who defended Epstein in 2008 (and has also defended O.J. Simpson and Harvey Weinstein while being good friends with Dennis Prager) has said nothing on this topic, leading me to assume something bad has happened to Israel.

The idea the ruling class with turn on itself is nonsense. The whole point of saying “this is the end,” is so it never has to end. After all, why would you go after your buddies?

We the people must bring these monsters down. Epstein, William Barr, and Donald Trump can, but they won’t. If they do, it’s down for them as well. Barr will have to answer where all that cocaine came from and Trump will have to answer to the many women who have accused him of rape.

Only you, yes you, the non-elite, can expose the truth. Coming from someone who spent over a year exposing pedophilia in the Brony community (and was made fun of every step of the way when they even bothered to mention my name), it will not be easy. We can do it, we just have to not let them get in the way.

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