Jeff Epstein Kills Himself

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Last night, noted pedophile Jeffery Epstein killed himself while in jail. This is also while he was on suicide watch after another attempt to kill himself two weeks ago. This has led to many people trying to figure out who killed him, besides, of course, Jeffry Epstein.

Ding-dong, the witch is dead!

It seems Epstein’s suicide watch team took the term “suicide watch” a bit too literally-Matt Walsh

I should begin this article by noting I have no sympathy for Jeff Epstein. Obviously, he has family who should be taken into consideration, but the man himself was a piece of human garbage.

I’ll get into the theories about Bill and Hillary Clinton killing him in a minute, however, I should note if they did I wouldn’t care. In fact, I would consider that nothing but a positive.

Jeffery Epstein has been proven to molest many children. That’s simply a proven fact. I’m not going to pretend it’s a big deal that this man killed himself. Far as I’m concerned, it was basically just a way to save us many days worth of news about how a guilty man is guilty.

Now that I got my bias out of the way, allow me to actually analyze this situation.

I Was Right

Okay, I’m going to brag a bit. But on 8/9/2019, I wrote the following on this Medium blog:

However, many believe he will bring D.C., Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, or Hollywood down with him. Didn’t something with the same goal happen not long ago? I believe it was called #MeToo.

While some good busts came out of Harvey Weinstein being exposed (who is still not in a jail cell), the best of which happened when it prevented Roy Moore from becoming a Senator, it still doesn’t change the fact that this song and dance happens all the time. Hillary was suppose to lead the way back in the 90s, that never happened.

. . .

The idea the ruling class with turn on itself is nonsense. The whole point of saying “this is the end,” is so it never has to end. After all, why would you go after your buddies?

We the people must bring these monsters down. Epstein, William Barr, and Donald Trump can, but they won’t. If they do, it’s down for them as well. Barr will have to answer where all that cocaine came from and Trump will have to answer to the many women who have accused him of rape.

And look at what happened. Just as I warned you. Jeffery Epstein did not bring a single other person down with him. Despite what the main-stream media told you, Epstein is now currently dead and not a single new person is even being investigated.

Donald Trump and Bill Clinton both have connections of Epstein. Neither of these people are any worse off today than they were when this whole thing started. What do you know? It’s as if the elites have already covered up all these lose ends years ago. Again, just as I predicted.

Say Hi To Seth Rich For Me

Many people — mostly Trump supporters — are saying Epstein did not kill himself, instead it was Hillary Clinton. Yes, people are angry at the Clinton’s for killing a child molester. Welcome to politics in 2019 everyone.

Of course, there’s no evidence for this other than suspicion. Helps that the suspicion isn’t even truly earned. Many are pointing out that maybe — just maybe — this the same as other times where they have no evidence the Clinton’s killed anyone other than suspicion.

Here are a list of people who have done more to harm the Clinton's that were not killed:

  • Ken Starr: The man who invested Bill Clinton and got him impeached as President.
  • Jerry Falwell: The man who made that The Clinton Chronicles film popular by distributing it.
  • Larry Nichols: One of the people who funded Clinton Chronicles.
  • Paula Jones: That woman who said Bill Clinton raped her.
  • Juanita Broaddrick: Another woman who accused Bill Clinton of rape.
  • Rush Limbaugh: One of his biggest critics back in the 90s, and easily his most popular.

So Bill Clinton didn’t kill a single one of these people, but he started killing people randomly in the 2000s?

Remember, in 1993 Vince Foster killed himself. Within a month, many were saying that he was killed for having an affair with Hillary Clinton. Then, Ken Starr confirmed that it was suicide, not Hillary Clinton.

Until better proof comes forward — and no, this being odd is not proof — I will remain unconvinced.

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