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As the fad of populism keeps going on, one thing populists need to keep going is the message that they have the people on their side. After all, what kind of populist isn’t very popular? Well, besides at least two — check out the “unpopular populism” series for more.

As such, they need to get the youth on their side. After all, what would you call a campaign that claims to be for the people but that the people hate? And don’t you say the Labour Party!

Jaden McNeil a reject from Turning Point USA, a group he now hates and insults every chance he gets — has the answer. Ladies and gentlemen, meet America First Students.

The following is a picture he posted on Twitter stating the mission of the group:

After months of planning, I am proud to finally announce the launch of America First Students. AFS is a campus conservative organization defined by our support for closed borders, traditional families, the American worker, and Christian values.

In a political climate filled with campus organizations that put America last, I want to bring a new vision to our campus — one that puts the American people first, and emphasized the importance of God and family above else. Increasingly, the interests of Americans are overlooked by our globalist ruling class, which is more concerned with looting the country than governing justly. To make things worse, Conservative Inc. has brainwashed many students into believing that globalist policies — particularly free trade and mass immigration — constitute conservatism, when they clearly do not.

The purpose of America First Students is thus to create a space on campus to advocate for traditional American values and ideals, with the broader goal of defending America against globalism, affirming the vision laid out by President Trump in his inaugural address. If you have any questions or would like to get involved, the best way to contact us is through DM.

Okay, naturally I have a large amount of issues here.

First off, Jaden loves talking about how much he values “the American worker” and wants to “put the American people first,” but this is clearly far from the case. How do I know? Because he also makes sure to include that he supports “Christian values” and believes we should have a society that “emphasized the importance of God.” So the 21% of Americans who are not religious, many of which are full on atheists, are not being put first by these people.

I have asked these people what “Conservatism Inc.” is a number of times and have never gotten a straight answer. At first I thought it was just people who made large amounts of money from preaching libertarian beliefs — I know, the horror — but then Tucker Carlson spent his Heritage Foundation rant talking about the evils of “Conservative non-profits.” I’m near certain it just means “anyone who disagrees with me but that I can’t be bothered to disprove so they must be funded by the monsters under my bed.”

So who supports this movement? Considering it was just started yesterday nobody big has really stepped in yet. Although Michelle Malkin — one of the most unpleasant people in all of existence. Malkin may be best known for her 2004 book In Defense Of Internment: The Case For “Racial Profiling” In World War Two And The War On Terror. A book that more or less got declared fake history by The Historians’ Committee For Fairness upon reviewing the book.

The organization has also win the support of The Gateway Pundit. You might remember the time they forced a family to go into hiding because the website falsely accused said family of murder back in 2017. Or that time they claimed Nikolas Cruz was a registered Democrat.

Jim Hoft, the founder of The Gateway Pundit, also blamed Barack Obama for the Orlando Nightclub shooting back in 2016.

Luckily, they at least got some quotes from Jaden that I can mock:

“The organization is necessary. It’s not that I wanted to start a campus organization, but that I had to,” McNeil said. “I was part of other conservative student organizations and every one of them made it more and more obvious that they weren’t working to conserve anything. They didn’t care about the students or the country. All they cared about was the money and they would do and say anything to please their donors.”

Tell me Jaden, if that’s truly the popular thing right now, how is it not conservatism? Labels like “conservative” — ones without clear and definite first principles — are basically just whatever the majority of people who use that label want it to be.

In a way, it is Jaden who is trying to not conservative anything. He, after all, is going after one of the most basic principles of American life, making money.

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